The first colleges in the United States were founded on Christian values.  Today, there are few colleges that will even acknowledge them.  I have seen this unfortunate transition first-hand, having attended a Christian university only to see it torn apart by progressives to accommodate the world views of atheism and Islam.

Last year, I attended California Lutheran University. During that school year, we had an atheist student body president who introduced a formal bill seeking to remove the words “to promote Christian growth” from the student constitution.  This measure was cosponsored by the school’s College Republicans Vice President. Moreover, anti-Christian sentiment was heavily felt after the Secular Student Alliance regional conference was held on our campus, featuring an atheist guest speaker who spoke in the school chapel (a major slap in the face to anyone who holds the house of God dear). To top it off, the university faculty lambasted faith and equally chastised Christian beliefs.

Most notably, I had one professor, Dr. Jose Marichal, outright state that California Lutheran University was wrong to embrace Christian ideas.  He claimed that college was a place to accept Marxism and to side with terrorist rights.  Dr. Marichal was also a part of President Obama’s regional campaign in 2008.

The First Amendment guarantees every citizen the right to worship as they choose, but do Americans really have the duty to accommodate all lifestyles and religions on a college campus or in the classroom?

The problem is that the Leftist “PC Police” find my previous statement to be “not accepting of diversity”; they’ve deemed any language of that sort as “hateful.”  Today, there are Christian colleges under attack for not being inclusive of all religions.  But does this honestly make sense?  The Left claims that Christian colleges and universities do not preach tolerance.  However, I must ask: why should they?  Is it not the student’s choice on whether or not they want to attend a Christian institution?  If I chose to attend a Muslim institution, would I be permitted to complain about how they weren’t tolerant of my Christian faith?  There is a double standard in this country.

But I ask, do we no longer have to be accountable for our own decision making?  Is it my fault that someone that doesn’t agree with the Christian faith chooses to attend a Christian university only to have their own personal faith contradict with its teachings?  Why should my faith be sacrificed for that?  Christian universities have become the premiere battleground for equal rights and too many people watch it happen and say nothing.

Where have we gone wrong in society?  When did it become acceptable to infiltrate a Christian university and turn it away from its principles?   Students are losing their faith because conservatives failed to see the red flags associated with the fall of morality in the university system.  Yes, Marxist, leftist indoctrination exists, even in private Christian colleges.

I encourage my Christian conservative counterparts to continue the fight and not give up hope. Soon, people will see the follies of the far Left and their calls to remove religion, particularly one type of religion, from society and the college classroom.  The very foundations of our moral society have eroded in the university setting.  We must resist and take back our universities – faith-based ones included.

Email Professor Jose Marichal and CLU President Chris Kimball and let them know that you are disgusted with their attempts to remove Christian faith from a Christian university.

Antony Earley // American Military University // @AntonyEarley