Many of you may be familiar with a new movement sweeping our nation, and, if you are less than thirty-two, they claim to be speaking for you.  Just like Paul Revere warned the earliest Americans that the British were indeed coming, I am warning you today that change is coming, and at the expense of everything we stand for.

This new movement known as Generation WE is a movement that blatantly spreads full-scale communist ideals via a largely youthful and diverse mouthpiece.  They claim to be momentously (and in my opinion dangerously) non-partisan and are looking for “real change” (I guess they didn’t get it in ’08).

The group categorizes themselves as being strongly progressive several times throughout it’s duration.  What astounds me most is the fact that that eight to ten year olds have allegedly come to embrace such worldly progressivism all by themselves.  I thought that most children were more interested in cartoons and candy than in learning of progressive ideas and politics.  I guess times have changed.


This claim of non-partisanship is completely bogus and those who support it are clearly evidenced on the Generation We website, where you can find a list of endorsements for the movement.

Muhammad Yunus, a man who was heralded for starting the Grameen Bank.  This bank practices baseless injections of credit to those who do not have the means of re-paying in order to bolster the economy in Bangladesh.  Sound familiar?  It should, this is the same logic from which the housing crisis was created.

Van Jones, who was the former Green Jobs Czar until his affiliation in the 9/11 Truth movement caused him to resign, has been openly pushing socialist agendas in the United States for a very long time.  In his latest venture, Rebuild the Dream, he has instituted a new contract for America.  In this contract things like a tax on all stock trades, Medicare for all and a new tax bracket on those making over one million dollars a year are advocated.

The list continues with Harry Reid, Adriana Huffington, and many others. This video is the Communist Manifesto revisited.

As we continue our dissection of this video, we also find that there are several other faulty Obama policies.  The first being an argument that the United States has the highest child poverty level in the developed world.  According to the National Center for Children in Poverty, children living in homes that make less than $22,050 dollars per year are considered “in poverty.”  However, they go on to say it is “estimated” that it costs double that to provide for all basic needs which, in turn, raises the rate to 42% of all children.

While child poverty is a problem, I highly doubt that it affects nearly half of our population.  As I recall, we have several programs in our welfare system that are designed to eliminate child poverty.  Children are eligible for state run medical care and various food and monetary programs like WIC and welfare.  So with all of these programs available, how, may I ask, is the poverty rate still forty-two percent?

The environment was not spared from this diatribe either.  The video claims that, in my lifetime, fifty percent of my generation will be diagnosed with cancer and one third with diabetes.  Really?  Fifty percent of my generation will have cancer?  Are they seriously implying that eight-three percent of the human population will be struck with debilitating disease in the next seventy-five years?  At no time in history of the developed world, not even in the days of the bubonic plague, has disease ever flourished like that.  Nonetheless, they’ve found a bunch of innocent kids to spout off these irresponsibly incorrect numbers to take emotional hostages.

One issue that I found almost comical was their call for an end to all military action.  Where does this idea that, if we just stop fighting, world peace will flourish come from?   In the same breath they talk about a just and sustainable world.  Vegetius, a Roman military author, once said, “If you want peace, prepare for war.”  How do you have justice and peace without war first?

The video also paints “baby boomers” in a very negative light.  Most, if not all, of the major job-producing industries in America are run and have been made possible through “baby boomer” money and labor.  Within this same video, there is talk of squandered inherence and high national debt; at the end of the film they talk about wanting billions to find new fuel sources.  Are we mad that we are ten trillion dollars in debt or do we want to further spend on capitalist ventures?  I’m confused.

The complete lack of authenticity in regards to this message tells me that the leadership group behind this video is about one thing: pushing a socialist agenda amongst the youth of America by infecting a small portion and watching it spread.  This is truly the most dangerous form of peer pressure.  Needless to say, I have a profound disrespect for the people behind this message, and I can only pray that this indoctrination doesn’t take hold among our youth.

Towards the end of the video, one of the speakers makes the remark that we as “Generation We will have the power to control the landscape of America.”  I sure as hell hope they don’t.

Mark Mayberry // University of Tennessee at Chattanooga // @markmayberry85