“Academic freedom and intellectual diversity are values indispensable to the American university… the concept of academic freedom has been premised on the idea that human knowledge is a never-ending pursuit of the truth, that there is no humanly accessible truth that is not in principle open to challenge, and that no party or intellectual faction has a monopoly on wisdom. Therefore, academic freedom is most likely to thrive in an environment of intellectual diversity that protects and fosters independence of thought and speech.” –David Horowitz, Academic Bill of Rights

The American university is heavily touted as the marketplace of ideas. All viewpoints will be tolerated, academics decry.  College is the prime time to grow as an intellectual and free thinker.  Why not expand one’s horizons and absorb information?

The best and brightest students—free from the clutches of parents and fresh out of high school—will be sent to universities to be cultivated into tomorrow’s leaders. In a typical span of four years, students will learn, make life-long friends, and become model citizens.

Many opportunities are also afforded to college students. One can study majors like architecture, journalism, political science, or bioengineering, for example. One can take classes with renowned professors. One can be active in student government, Greek life, or a political club.

What could be harmful about confiding in professors and entrusting young adults to university officials?

Much to the dismay of many, what transpires at universities nationwide is not all sunshine and lollypops.

Parents are oblivious to the reality that is the American university; which has become a hotbed for Keynesian economics, militant feminism, and political correctness, among many things. With the endless bouts of anti-Americanism, anti-Israelism, and secularism at our nation’s universities, the prevalence of liberal bias should come as no surprise.

In December, Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum noted that universities have become “bastions of leftist thought” in a speech in Iowa.

He said, “They’ve (universities) become indoctrination centers for the left.”

Whether professors mouth off Marxist-Leninist ideas during lecture or ardent campus leftists call for the overthrow of capitalism, American universities have become breeding grounds for future Democratic Party loyalists and big government apparatchiks.

Have a conservative group on campus? Do not expect equal access to student funds or fair treatment by university administrations.

Profess conservative beliefs and teach? Expect to be ostracized, tormented, and possibly fired.

Fear not, the case for intellectual diversity is being made at universities.

Last week, San Diego State’s College Republican club unveiled a “Teach or Preach” list to aid students in class registration. The list group members hold is a comprehensive look into professors that preach the liberal gospel and professors that teach their subjects.

In an official press release, club president Lx Fangonilo said, “Professors have been known to completely disregard the subject that they are hired to teach and instead they use their time behind the podium to spread their personal agendas with the expectation that students will accept opinions as fact.”

Fangonilo also stated that many SDSU professors use their class time as a platform to push liberal and equally anti-American agendas.

“There are a lot of professors here who take a class period, or the whole course, to spread their political agenda,” said Lx Fangonilo, president of the club, told the U-T San Diego.

Andrew Mytelka, news editor for The Chronicle of Higher Education, also told the U-T San Diego that bias in academia is not uncommon.

“These accusations usually come from students on the right, but occasionally on the left. They are usually so subjective and not really provable it’s hard to judge the veracity. You rarely hear about any follow through unless you have a real extreme event with a professor who has a real problem,” said Mytelka.

Indoctrination should not be taken lightly. Proselytizing radical viewpoints is not conducive to quality education. Conservatives are certainly at a disadvantage; nevertheless, they should invest time to combat bias.

If you or your campus group is subjected to indoctrination or discrimination, be sure to contact the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE), Alliance Defense Fund (ADF), David Horowitz Freedom Center, or send a tip to us at TheCollegeConservative.

Gabriella Hoffman :: University of California at San Diego :: @Gabby_Hoffman