With increased awareness of the deterioration of the Social Security system, no one is sure how much longer the program can remain solvent, or at least appear to be solvent.  After President Obama enjoyed his $4.1 million worth of taxpayer funded vacations to Hawaii and teed off on the golf course for the 90th time of his three year presidency, he finds himself back in the humble abode that is the White House.

With both chambers of Congress recently agreeing to a payroll tax cut extension, they’ve decided that they will continue their fervent efforts to bankrupt the Social Security system.  By keeping the individual contributions two percentage points lower for another two months, the Democrats, along with some RINOs, have accomplished yet another small piece of Obama’s regressive agenda.

This entire holiday season, the president has championed this tax cut by urging Congress to pass the bill. What he doesn’t want you to know, however, is that this is not really a tax cut, but a reduction in the amount of your earnings that you would contribute to Social Security.  What has been touted as a tax cut by the Obama administration is simply a raid of the Social Security fund.  By letting American workers continue to keep an extra $19 a week over the next two months, the administration has deprived the Social Security trust fund of roughly $25 billion in new contributions. For a program that currently operates in the red, $25 billion could go a long way.

Much criticism has been focused on the House Republicans, led primarily by the Tea Party coalition, because they continually voted down the bill.  They were grossly accused of being hypocritical for opposing a “tax cut,” while the pinnacle of their agenda has historically centered around lowering taxes.  However, like most Americans, they were able to discern between what is right politically and what is right morally.

If we accept the Leftist rhetoric that the system survives through payroll contributions, how could we vote to prevent that money from making its way into the system? Since the Democrats set up the Social Security system in the 1930’s, they have done absolutely nothing to prevent its implosion. The great irony is that conservative Republicans are trying to save Social Security.

President Obama is no stranger to stealing from the social programs that millions of Americans subsist on.  In funding his landmark legislation affectionately known as Obamacare, he stole $500 billion from Medicare.  Now he is revisiting the same tactics as before, but instead with Social Security.  He thinks Americans are too ignorant to see what he is doing; perhaps his respective constituents are just that, but we will not be fooled.  This president is merely playing politics by ensuring that each prospective voter gets a little extra cash in their pocket right before the election, even if that means disregarding seniors.  His campaign team has already admitted to writing off the white middle-class vote; perhaps he is adding senior citizens to that list as well.

While Obama deserves the majority of the blame, I have to give credit where credit is due; the House, namely Speaker John Boehner, retains weak leadership as well.  The Speaker pretends to stand for conservative principles, but he always folds by cutting a deal with the Democrats.  Furthermore, he is a weak negotiator.  The only good aspect conservatives received in the deal was an expedited decision on the Keystone XL pipeline that would have brought oil from Canada to Texas, thus decreasing our dependency on oil from the Middle East.  This project would have created many  jobs, but our president has demonstrated his strong disapproval of the endeavor.  I can’t imagine that even Obama, the self-proclaimed fourth greatest president, would stand in the way of such a lucrative job-creating venture.

If the President were serious about cutting taxes, he would reduce income tax rates across the board.  Slashing income taxes would allow American workers to keep more of their money without bankrupting any social programs.  Democrats will never do this, however, because they need as much money as possible to fund their leviathan.  Their goal is to continually expand government; reducing income rates reduces revenue, and that would require wise management of a smaller amount of money.  However, as we have experienced during the Reagan and Bush administrations, tax cuts can actually increase revenue.  During the height of the Bush tax cuts in 2007, revenue from taxes was at an all time high, even when adjusting for inflation.

We need an elimination of the Marxist policies that have infiltrated the White House. Tax cuts are needed, but not of the payroll variety. Tens of millions of senior citizens depend on Social Security for their very survival, and we cannot let them down by stealing their money to fund Obama’s sound bites.  Furthermore, we cannot continue to let the Left continue to drive us down the road to serfdom.

Jeffrey Max :: Texas Wesleyan University :: Ft. Worth, Texas :: @JeffreyMaxxx