I happened upon an interesting depiction of everyday life for OWS protesters in Zuccotti Park called “The 99 Percent: Vanguard” on CurrentTV.  This documentary tries to show that OWS protestors are striving to promote a brotherhood for America of sorts and bring down the rich corporate systems while promoting globalization. To an uninformed person, the Movement seems like an innocent, humanitarian mission. However, the film is subtly promoting an anti-American way of life.

The first flaw in the movement is a failure to recognize actual corruption. The over-regulation and crimes committed by government officials concerning Wall Street and the economy devastate the United States monetarily and ethically. An overly involved government squanders economic success, but this concept is never presented in the documentary. In his book Throw Them All Out, Peter Schweizer tells of the many behind-the-scenes dealings in the government.  He proves that government officials buy certain stocks and trades knowing what legislation will be presented on the floor concerning the specified shares ahead of time to gain personal wealth.  It is not the fault of Wall Street, but that of the elected American officials during the first two years of the Obama administration, the ones the protestors have be trained to want to reelect.

The second, and most grievous flaw of Occupy Wall Street is their desire to make globalization a way of life in America. They demand that large corporations hire people generally, regardless of whether a possible employee meets the necessary qualifications for the job. Bottom line: this equality doctrine hinders innovation and provides no incentive for people to work hard.

One of the many great aspects of America is the ability to be an entrepreneur when the job market is not ideal, and to be able to do so without the fear of government interfering and demanding compliance from the private sector. Our system is set up to allow for creativity during inevitable times of economic downturn. Putting us all on the same playing field does nothing for our fellow man; “equality” weakens competition.

Lastely, the American Dream has been misconstrued by this society. Throughout my childhood, my parents have always taught my sister and I that we will achieve goals in life based on merit and hard work. Getting a much desired toy at the store would only be received by maintaining good behavior; the ability to play beautiful music could only be achieved by daily practice; a college education would only be obtained by good grades and working hard to earn money to pay for it. Hard work is a basic principle America was founded upon.

OWS protestors have quite obviously failed to understand that in no way does this clause in the Declaration of Independence grant every citizen luxuries such as Mac computers, homes, cars, or jobs. It merely ensures the rights of the citizens so they are free to seek such commodities.

The United States of America is not controlled by the U.N. or any other government form. The United States has secured freedom from oppression for its citizens since its founding.  People such as Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, and Winston Churchill have understood the individuality that comes with American freedom.  Wars have been fought and lives of Americans, as well as those of our allies, have been lost with the knowledge that America is the last frontier to ensure freedom for the people within its borders.

The United States I stand for is free from Marxism and “globalization.” The Land of the Free, and the Home of the Brave.  The “globalized” utopia the OWS protestors are currently promoting is not the America I know and love, nor should it ever be.

Elissa Roberson :: College of the Desert :: Yucca Valley, California :: @ElissaRoberson