Everyone is familiar with the Left’s war on the Boy Scouts.  It’s a wildly successful organization that encourages self-reliance and responsibility in teenage boys (a rather formidable task), so, naturally, it must be squelched.  Sometimes they go after the Scouts because of the God thing. Other times they go after them because of the gay thing. A recent editorial in the Daily Tar Heel goes after the Scouts for the gay thing, but there’s an interesting twist.

Apparently, the Chapel Hill/Carrboro YMCA is planning to merge with the Triangle YMCA in Raleigh.  The Chapel Hill Y has adopted some sort of non-discrimination employment policy that includes sexual orientation, while the Triangle Y has not.  The editorial then goes on to make a very bad argument, wholly dependent on assuming that Scout leaders are employees of the chartering organization (hint: they’re not), and declares that since the Scouts are so fixated on being “morally straight” (no pun intended), they should be given the boot. This, I think, points to the larger issue: how the supposedly tolerant gay rights’ crusaders are completely intolerant of intolerance.

Consider the opening line of the editorial, “inclusivity is the name of the game in any successful merger” and compare it to the very next sentence, “The YMCA of the Triangle must reconcile its backwards policies with the more progressive ones already in place at the Chapel Hill-Carrboro branch.”  So, what they’re really saying is that the Chapel Hill Y doesn’t have to be inclusive at all, it’s those redneck, barbarian rubes in Raleigh who’ve got to learn to accept people with different thoughts and ideas.  What of inclusivity?  What of diversity?  The editorial claims, “The progressive policies in place are no accident; they reflect values that are central to the identities of Chapel Hill and Carrboro.” Can the same not be said about the Triangle Y’s policies?  Perhaps these supposed “backwards” policies are central to the identity of Raleigh and the surrounding area.  Is Raleigh’s identity any less valid because it does not conform to the “progressive” policies of Chapel Hill?  If one is to argue that one branch must sacrifice its value system on the altar of inclusivity, consider the situation objectively.  Which branch is throwing out a youth group because the people in it are “different”, the Neanderthals in Raleigh or the Enlightened Elites in Chapel Hill?

The editorial also claims that if Scout troops were permitted to use the Y’s facilities, it would somehow be “infringing on the gay community’s rights.”  But how exactly?  It’s not as if gay people would suddenly be denied access to the facility or be forced to pay more for access to it.  I can’t actually think of any way in which a scout troop meeting in the basement of the Y could possibly “harm” a gay person.  I suppose that some gay people might find the troop offensive, but that hardly translates into harm.  Last I checked, there was no right to be free from offense.  That’s just life.

The editorial also contains one final little gem.  It says,

“If the merger is approved with the integration of Chapel Hill-Carrboro’s sexual orientation clause, the YMCA owes it to the troops to help them relocate to another facility.  This isn’t asking much, but it could go a long way toward healing any potential wounds.”

I’m sure they told Rosa Parks the same thing. After all, what’s the big deal, right?  Asking people to simply find another seat or to find another meeting place simply because of who they are isn’t asking too much.  The big deal with Rosa Parks wasn’t that the bus driver asked her to find another seat, it was that he didn’t get up and help her find another one.

Asking the Boy Scouts to find an alternative meeting place because of their refusal to compromise their principles is ridiculously hypocritical.  The gay crusaders constantly implore us to “love not hate“, but where is the love for those who disagree with them?  The short answer is that there is none. Dissenters are kicked to the curb and treated like second class citizens, all while the gay rights activists proclaim their boundless tolerance and love for everyone.  This is hypocritical and disgusting.

Marc Seelinger :: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill :: Chapel Hill, North Carolina :: @marcseelinger