As Buddy the Elf famously said, “You smell like beef and cheese, you don’t smell like Santa!”  Buddy knew Santa well. He knew how Santa would behave, he knew what Santa would say in particular situations, and he could spot a phony from a mile away.

Save the painfully tight yellow pants, we should all strive to be more like Buddy the Elf.

We should know how a Republican would act. We should know what a Republican would say on any given issue. And when we find some wishy-washy centrist fox sneaking into the metaphorical henhouse we need to throw him out.

The truly beautiful thing about the Republican Party is the fact that we are a party of factions.  We have Libertarians who are solely focused on liberty and justice for all.  We have Social Conservatives who focus on the family, and uphold the moral integrity that made this country strong.  We have folks focused on national security and military strength, and those focused on revitalizing our economy from the bottom up.  From Army troops, to job creators, blue-collar workers, down to southern Baptist preachers, the Republican Party is a plethora of the people who work hard to make sure America remains free and prosperous.  We know what we believe in — small government, personal liberty, less regulation, empowering the individual, and creating peace through strength.

So why are we so hesitant to run our candidates through the fire?  If a candidate for any office does not hold up these values in his or her personal life, has a record to prove that they support these values in an official capacity, or is not personally strong enough to preserve, protect, and defend them, it is our patriotic duty to make sure that those candidates do not become the face of our party.

Creating more government bureaucracy and intervening in the private affairs, and creating more red-tape is not a conservative Republican trait.  Letting unborn children be dehumanized and systematically murdered on the altar of “choice,” is not what a conservative Republican would do.  Supporting measures to stifle free speech and trump due process is not a conservative Republican trait.  Disregarding sovereignty is not something a true conservative Republican would support.

Bailing out failing companies, allowing spending levels to surpass the annual GDP, rewarding the lazy on the backs of the hardworking, supporting an over reach of central government authority in education, private business, and the personal lives of the citizens is most definitely NOT the behavior of a Conservative Republican.

Would a clown lead a group of marines? I think not.

This discussion is not aimed at any one candidate, however if the image of a particular person or candidate comes to mind, one should ask oneself, “Why did that description make me think of this person?  Maybe I should reconsider supporting him/her?”  Having the diligence to scrutinize and pick the person who not only believes in our values but can carry them better than any other candidate in any race will make all the difference in November.

Santa and Christmas cheer meant the world to Buddy the Elf and he wasn’t about to allow some moron in a suit to just waltz in and pretend to be THE Santa.  Buddy called him out, “You sit on a throne of lies!”

The question you must ask yourself, do you care about Republicanism and Conservatism as much as Buddy the Elf cared about Santa and Christmas cheer?  Remember, the best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear.

Apply this to your political life.

Get to singing.

Tanner Salyers :: Shawnee State University :: Portsmouth, Ohio :: @TannerSalyers