Okay, so I’m a sucker for show tunes and glam rock.

Yes, I enjoy the amazing talent of Idina Menzel in the Broadway hit “Wicked.” Absolutely, I am left awestruck after hearing the wonderful scores of Claude-Michel Schönberg in “Les Mis.” And let’s not even dispute the fact that Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham, along with the rest of the folks in Fleetwood Mac are actually seraphim sent from the very throne of God to give us the eleventh commandment, which is “don’t stop thinking about tomorrow.”

If all of that makes me less of a man, then men need to do some serious introspecting.

So when Glee, the show that perfectly captures what it is like to go to high school in the Midwest (on another planet) hit the airwaves, 12 year old girls swooned, high school Glee Club members rejoiced, and music fans like me now had to try to figure out how we could get away from our friends for an hour a week, with the doors locked and the blinds pulled, to indulge in a little “show tunage” without them really knowing we were watching Glee.

It started out being all-encompassing, with every stereotype imaginable. There was the dorky kid in the wheelchair, the heavy-set black girl, the all-around good boy white guy, the goody-two-shoes Jewish girl (a tinge of anti-Semitism seething through there? We shall see.), the saucy Latina cheerleader accompanied by the dumb blonde cheerleader and, of course, the gay guy.  Now statistically, and let’s face it, realistically, this is a pretty accurate spread of high school; you know, that time before we all had to actually take care of ourselves and when we somewhat cared about what other people thought, the good old days.

And it may make me unpopular, but here it is, I’m not afraid to say it.  I, being a religious, conservative, Republican male from southern Ohio, liked Glee.

But then, as time went on, the show kept progressively getting more satirical of traditional values. One example is the celibate guidance counselor, who thought “afternoon delight” was nothing more than nice early evening snack, or the fact that there are now a bunch of judgmental “Christian Zealots” walking around on the show calling themselves the “God Squad” that also adopted a very new age version of Christianity.

And you know, that didn’t bother me as much as it should have at first, but for the sake of humor, I let it slide, as Christians and conservatives do entirely too often. Then we had the case of the football-playing bully picking on the gay kid, which turned out to be the bully’s own homosexual tension coming out on full display, when in one episode he traps the gay kid in the locker room and plants a big ol’ smooch on him.

Okay, so after that, the original gay kid, Kurt, transfers to a private all-boys school, where he is surrounded by, you guessed it, more gay men in a Glee club.

That’s when I quit watching. I’m not intolerant, I’m not a bigot, I’m not a homophobe, although I’m sure some bleeding heart will be quick to paint me as one.  I still listened to the music online, which I continue to enjoy very much even to this day. I simply got tired of seeing a liberal homosexual agenda paraded around, mocking religion and traditional American values, and promoting these things to the nation’s youth. So I quit watching, I got my younger sister to quit watching, and some friends to quit watching – a silent revolt for the sake of the nuclear family and Judeo-Christian values.

Turns out, since I’ve quit watching, the homosexual level has gone from about a “pretty gay” 7 to a “fabulous” 10.

Adding to the homosexual couples, we have Kurt and his partner, the two aforementioned cheerleaders are now a lesbian couple, apparently the confused football playing bully came back for the Valentine’s Day episode and is preparing to come out of the metaphorical closet, the Jewish girl has two dads, and the show’s cheerleading coach/antagonist is played by none other than Jane Lynch, a hilarious actress, as well as a lesbian PETA activist.

When does it end? When do we stop masquerading homosexuality around and drawing out a conversation that doesn’t need happen? Why is it okay for a show to openly blast Christian high school students and those who still stand by the good old-fashioned moral behaviors that have served this country well thus far?  It begs the question, why are we allowing raging liberal thought and pop culture’s secularist ideologies to be mixed up nicely and spoon fed to our children, without even as much as a second thought?

And to the creators of Glee, enough already! We get it! I just want to watch Lea Michele without being force-fed Gay Pride propaganda…

As the internet memes would say, Glee Y U SO GAY!

Tanner Salyers :: Shawnee State University :: Portsmouth, Ohio :: @TannerSalyers