“All that’s necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing.”

–Edmund Burke

I was never one to be saddened by the death of a celebrity. But Andrew Breitbart was more than a celebrity. He was a conservative hero: a relentless warrior against the institutional left. As a young, female conservative gaining momentum into the movement at the RightOnline conference, I hung on to his every word. I could tell that he was something unique: a true leader who stood unafraid of action.

He remained strong on his convictions. Never once did he back down from the challenge to expose corrupt media and government. Never once did he escape from the public eye. He moved on the forefront of every story, often grasping it before the mainstream media was even aware that news was about to break.

He knew the movement was not his alone. He called on the American public to provide him with tips of stories to run, and would hand out his cell phone number to those who asked and encourage them to call with anything. He frequently said he was petty. But what he really was is much bigger than mere pettiness: he was bold.

He exposed the truth in the face of danger. Standing against the #OccupyCPAC protestors, he told them what was on everyone’s mind, and continued to expose their hidden acts as they yelled back to him horrific statements.

He condemned those on the left—and on the right—openly. He knew that to ignore the misgivings on his own side would be to stand on the side of hypocrisy, and to do so would be to participate in that which he had adamantly condemned.

“I want to be a ray of light right now. If you’re willing to come over here and break bread… I’m a fan of yours.” Breitbart said in his RightOnline speech. “I do want a reconciliation in this country. I do. I want to get back to a point where we can agree to disagree.”

Do not let his memory die. Do not let his legacy disappear. To do that would be to give in to what the left expects. It is time to pick up his burden, to pick up a video camera, and to ensure that his work continues. We are the next Andrew Breitbarts. We are warriors.