“Somehow, we have to figure out how to boost the price of gasoline [in the U.S.] to the levels in Europe.” To me, this sounds like an idea that might be thought up in the smoke-filled rooms of an oil cartel. But instead, it is the grand idea of the Department of Energy Secretary, Steven Chu. As a top business priority, the Obama appointee desperately wants to see our gasoline prices roughly triple to the mid $11 rates that drivers in Norway pay per gallon of gasoline.

The Democrat Party proclaims to stand for the “little guy.” But doesn’t rising gasoline prices most affect the very person that the Democrat Party supposedly fights for? I can’t imagine the Obama family will be negatively affected, since we taxpayers subsidize the bulk of their luxurious travels. The Obamas need their 16 vacations, even if it means disregarding “We the People.”

While Chu’s quote is troubling to say the least, this type of insanity is not unheard of lately. Obama’s own words in a news interview explain how he will employ policies that will cause the prices of electricity to “necessarily skyrocket.” You know, I was really hoping that my electricity prices would skyrocket because the old rates were just too low. Thanks, Barack!

Since Obama has yet to fire Chu, I have to believe that the President is satisfied with all of the hard work that Chu is clocking in, especially raising gas prices to European levels in the midst of a recession. I have to wonder, though, wouldn’t raising gas prices drastically increase profits for those “evil” oil companies? Or maybe it is actually the government that makes the most money on oil, since they siphon about $0.40 right off the top of each gallon of gas for doing absolutely nothing. What if Obama centered his re-election campaign around some sort of “gas hike” platform? I’m sure his constituents will be knocking each other over to get to the ballot box. Gas was $1.79 when he took office, and since then, we’ve plummeted further into recession than expected. Obama doesn’t have much of a platform for re-election, honestly, but people will still vote for him because he’s charismatic. What a shame.

Last month, the mainstream media was wildly celebrating the record profit posted by General Motors (read: Government Motors).  I’m glad to see an American icon making it through the recession. What I don’t understand, though, is why GM is held up as an example and praised for making a ridiculous amount of money (in excess of $7.6 billion), yet whenever an oil company posts a record profit, they are condemned. We are then told by the Obama Administration and the media that we are being “ripped off” or “taken advantage of.” I think we need to start one of those infamous Obama investigations to figure out why the auto company is making so much money at our expense.

Earlier this week, Chevrolet announced that it would be halting the production of the Volt for at least 5 weeks because they are not selling as many units as they projected. Keep in mind that these cars are eligible for a $7,500 tax subsidy since they’re environmentally “green.” So, they can’t even meet ordinary sales quotas with the government shaving $7,500 right off the top? That’s pathetic. I guarantee that if the government were to reapply their subsidy to Ford pick-up trucks, Ford dealerships wouldn’t be able to keep a truck on the lot.

Chevrolet shouldn’t panic, however, since Obama’s newest budget requests the subsidy for these gas-electric cars be raised to $10,000. Perhaps the government subsidy will one day cover the cost of the entire vehicle, so they will just give them out for free, like condoms. And they could start by giving one to each of the 1300 workers that are out of work as a result of this green energy failure.

For obvious reasons, the Department of Energy should really be called the Department of No Energy. They don’t really exist to promote energy, but to destroy it and raise the price of existing energy. Secretary Chu says that his main focus (besides raising gas prices) is to “decrease our dependency on oil.” I could understand decreasing our dependency on foreign oil, but why just on oil in general? Oil is a fossil fuel that works, and we have enough to last us for a very long time. Should we not use that to our advantage?

Secretary Chu also said that the rising gas prices that we are experiencing are simply a “supply and demand issue.” From an economics standpoint, it would seem logical to try and increase the supply in order to lower the prices. But again, the President proved that his goal is not to lower prices when he vetoed the Keystone XL Pipeline, which would have not only increased supply, but would have also created thousands of jobs.

Mark Levin said it best when he described today’s America as “Ameritopia.” Only ignorance or dependency could explain why people will go to the polls in November to vote for Obama. Either you have no idea what is going on, or you have sacrificed your God-given liberty in exchange for government handouts. Hopefully, conservatives step up this year. As Andrew Breitbart would say, “[We’re] here for some vindication.”