RT @RBPundit: The MSM went and uncovered a painted-over ROCK to “vet” Perry. Has anyone ever asked Obama about Bell? Anyone? — Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) March 8, 2012

Yesterday, our friends at Breitbart.com began the vetting of Barack Obama. They released a series of videos connecting Obama to a man named Derrick Bell. If you missed seeing them, go ahead and watch now here and here.

The first video (which is not the “selectively-edited” Buzzfeed version) shows a young Barack Obama leading a protest at Harvard Law School, and embracing a special guest, one Professor Derrick Bell. The second video captures Obama’s friend and mentor, Charles Ogletree, stating that this association with Bell was purposefully hidden during Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign.

Until now, we’ve not heard much of Derrick Bell. What’s obvious almost immediately is that he’s a controversial figure–why else would the Obama campaign hide any association with him? You’d think, after Jeremiah Wright, just about any “controversial racialist” would pale in comparison. As we continue this vetting process, I have no doubt we’ll learn more about the man Thomas Sowell once described as “despicable,” but until then, check out what Sowell had to say about him. This video may also help you understand 1) more about Derrick Bell, and 2) how racist you are.

I’ve been watching Twitter since these videos dropped, and I’m seeing something troubling: people are disappointed with what they got. They wanted more. They wanted the smoking gun. They wanted a bunker full of nuclear weapons, kiddie porn, and proof that the Courtney Love whacked Kurt Cobain; instead they got a speech, a hug, and a slimy Harvard lad joking about pulling one over on the racist wingnuts.

My response to this reaction is, essentially, this:

Nolte is right. This isn’t the shame-airing people were expecting. It’s information, and all information is useful. It’s not a smoking gun–it’s a nail in the coffin. Pick it up. Examine it. Line it up and hammer away at it–this is the essence of vetting. This isn’t about blowing the other side out of the water at every turn. This isn’t about producing grounds for impeachment with every new piece of information we dig up. It’s about nailing the coffin shut on the Obama presidency, one shady, race-baiting, unethical nail at a time.

It’s not everything, but it’s something.

Before he died, Andrew Breitbart described the mess we’ve found ourselves in with one word: WAR. The thing about war is, it’s not fought in a day. Or a week. Or even a month. No, wars are fought and won by fighting and winning battles. What Andrew gave us–what we saw tonight–is ammunition for the first battle.

Use it.

Don’t expect this to be easy. Don’t expect the win to fall into your lap. Don’t expect these people to go down without a fight. Look at RBPundit’s tweet from the top of the column–Perry was “vetted” with a rock. If that’s not motivation to use everything in the arsenal, I don’t know what is.

We can win this war, but to do so, we have to win every single battle leading up to November 2008. This is going to take more than guts–this is going to take patience. Patience, and not accidentally chucking valuable information under the bus in a fit of disappointed hopes. The point? Don’t just be here to be here. Question everything. Arm yourself with what information you’ve been given, dig for more, and don’t ever, ever stop fighting.

If you’re in this fight, commit to it. Right now.

Say it out loud: #iamAndrewBreitbart, and I am here to wage war on Barack Obama.

Amy Miller :: Michigan State College of Law :: East Lansing, Michigan :: @Amyvrwc