I didn’t exactly know what to expect when I went to the movie theater last week to see Phil Valentine’s new documentary An Inconsistent Truth. Walking out of the theater an hour and a half later, my brothers and I laughed hysterically about the ridiculousness of Al Gore’s global warming fantasy. I concluded that my time was well spent.

In order to combat the misconceptions, assumptions, and outright lies about global warming (or is it climate change?), nationally syndicated talk-show host Phil Valentine went on a personal quest to seek out the truth on the issue; what he found proved to be much more inconsistent than inconvenient.

Conventional wisdom would tell us that global warming is obviously a problem. It’s in public school curriculum. It’s science. Recycle symbols are everywhere. Plus, everyone’s talking about it!

Phil Valentine’s documentary goes beyond these surface level impressions about global warming and goes straight to the heart of the issue. He interviews several leading climate scientists around the world and asks them to directly respond to the recordings of Al Gore when called in to testify before Congress during the Cap and Trade debate. What he finds is not surprising. There is not even a “consensus” in the scientific community about the existence of global warming, let alone whether human activity can have a significant impact on global temperatures.

Valentine also extensively covers the “Climategate scandal” that proved reports of the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change) to be fraudulent. He picks apart every argument used by environmental alarmists by quoting their own testimony and refuting it with actual scientists.

The motives of Al Gore are also called into question in the movie. (This is the same Al Gore who invented the internet, so it might not be such a bad to question his honesty.) In a thorough analysis, Valentine shows that Gore makes millions (if not billions) of dollars off of “green” legislation, such as Cap and Trade, and carbon offsets. His personal ties to organizations that would benefit from such legislation show that his entire global warming fantasy could be a profit-driven scheme. When my U.S. Representative, Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), called him out on this, Gore was taken a back to say the least and in his condescending tone responded quite defensively:

As I alluded to earlier, the movie is also highly amusing. In classic style, Valentine periodically shows clips from his on-the-street interviews to show the depth of knowledge, or more often the breadth of ignorance, of global warming disciples. So in addition to the factual corrections his documentary offers, these snippets provide a great sense of comic relief. Who doesn’t like to see liberals in their natural stupidity?

Overall, An Inconsistent Truth is a great documentary that debunks many global warming myths that are too often blindly accepted by the uneducated masses. It reveals the true nature of environmental science with credible sources, and its satirical element which mocks the religious devotion of the Left makes it quite entertaining. Ultimately, Valentine proves global warming to be a profit-driven scheme that enables environmental alarmists, anti-capitalists, and global government advocates to take advantage of intellectually defenseless liberals who suffer from a severe case of self-esteem deficit disorder –quite an inconvenient truth indeed.

Alan Groves :: Hillsdale College :: Brentwood, Tennessee :: @AlanGroves2