When engaging in a political discussion, be it via the internet or in person, we have all heard someone use the line: “he’s been drinking way too much Kool-Aid.”  Usually said to insult one who mindlessly, foolishly, and senselessly embraces a dogma or philosophy presented by a person or group, regardless of which side of the political spectrum you are on, you have probably heard it.  Liberals say it.  Conservatives say it.  Independents say it.  I just assumed everyone knew the term’s origins, but boy, oh boy, was I wrong.

Apparently, I’m a “self-hating black” who is either too ignorant or too stupid to recognize when a “cracker” is being racist.  Now, let me explain.

I am black (as if you can’t tell, right?), so I have firsthand insight in how many blacks feel about Republicans and Democrats.  For the most part, Republicans are a bunch of white racists who only want to see the first “black” (they usually only acknowledge his black half) President fail, while Democrats are the party for the poor.  Those of us who do not depend on CNN, MSNBC, ABC, TheGrio, The Huffington Post, and CBS as our sole source of information, know that this is false.  It would actually be laughable if people really didn’t think this way.

But anyway, back to being a “self-hating black.”  It all started when an uninformed ignoramus got all “offended” when a friend of mine used the Kool-Aid line.  The offended individual, being self-centered, equated the Kool-Aid line with being black and went off on a frenzy.  I mean, he really went off.  Since when did we begin to take these ridiculous stereotypes literally?  Bad drivers don’t equal Asians.  Trailer parks don’t equal whites.  All maids aren’t Mexican.  Kool-Aid doesn’t equal blacks.  As a matter of fact, Jim Jones, the sociopath responsible for the death of over 900 men, women, and children, a member of the Communist Party USA, and the reason why the Kool-Aid term is used today, was white, not black, and so were many of his followers.

In mid-November of 1978, Jones, who was very charismatic and used the Bible as an apparatus to gain favor among the masses, forced many of the now-deceased individuals to drink Flavor Aid/Kool-Aid poisoned with cyanide, potassium, and many other deadly chemicals.  Those who refused were threatened with guns and crossbows.  Only 33 managed to escape with their lives. The Jonestown massacre is infamously known as “the most deadly single non-natural disaster in U.S. history until September 11, 2001.”

Some debate whether or not Jim Jones was a Christian, you know, because he preached and was put on a pedestal by his followers. But, Satan quoted Scripture too, did he not?  Does Jeremiah Wright not “preach the Gospel,” but all the while screams “G**damn America?”  Al Sharpton, a Baptist preacher (sorry I’ve lumped you in with Sharpton, Baptists!), has made a career out of making everything an issue of race.  President Obama can’t figure out whether he’s a Christian or a Muslim.  In addition, being the first halfblack, half white President, he could have used his position to unite us all; instead, he chose to turn poor against rich and white against black.  Just recently, he launched a website, “African-Americans for Obama,” and, as I pointed out in another article, we all know that Newt Gingrich would be labeled a racist if he launched a website called “WHITES FOR NEWT!”  I’m sure that would prompt Al Sharpton to take to the streets and march.

Blacks, whites, Hispanics, Native Americans, and people of all nationalities should be able to have a dialogue without being uncomfortable or worrying about offending the other because of the color of their skin (Side note: if you’re going to flat out call someone a nigger, cracker, or something like that, then this does not apply to you). Regardless of our race, we all bleed red, we are all Americans, and we all enjoy the fruits of this great country.  Let those who so fervently desire reparations for slavery continue with their histrionics; for Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Jeremiah Wright, and all of these other so-called ministers would be out of a job and the unemployment rate is already a staggering 14.9%.

Unfortunately, there will always be racism, and there will always be individuals who cry racism every chance they get.  There is a distinct difference between the two. Some people are so uncomfortable in their own skin that they only see black and white; they literally become slaves to the color of their own skin.

That person gave me a dirty look.  Wow.  What a racist.

She suggested that we eat at the Mexican restaurant.  It must be because I’m Hispanic.  How insensitive. Racist.

He said I’ve been drinking too much kool-aid, because I’m black.  Racism.

See what I mean?

I don’t know when this nation will begin to fully heal, although we certainly have the potential.  I mean, we all have the same opportunities.  I can vote the same way you can vote.  I can rent a movie the same way you can rent a movie.  I can drink from whatever water fountain I’d like.  I can apply for a job and be hired, or apply for a job and be denied the position.

Congressman Allen West should be able to make a speech telling Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid to take their Socialist message out of the United States without having his “black authenticity” questioned by the Left.  Just because 98% of blacks consistently vote Democrat, doesn’t mean I should be expected to do so.  I should be able to be a conservative without defending the fact that I am both black and conservative.  As Americans, we should cast a vote based on the content of one’s character, not the color of their skin.

Atarah Golden :: Cecil College :: North East, Maryland :: @LastCivilRight