Whatever the reason, American universities tend to attract wacky leftist speakers. The likes of Angela Davis and Ward Churchill frequent lecture halls at our esteemed institutions of higher learning. For time’s sake, we have left out our international academic counterparts – they are likely even worse.

A fitting example: Michigan State University. Throughout my tenure in East Lansing, former Obama ‘Green Jobs’ Czar Van Jones and Malcolm Shabazz, grandson of ‘60s radical Malcolm X, and many others, have spoken on campus. It gets better: Mockumentarian and Great Lakes State native Michael Moore, who held a student event to promote his new book last semester, more than likely received a massive pay day plus access to a fancy performing arts facility, courtesy of school bureaucrats.

Funny enough, of the myriad college-wide emails administrative officials send to students regularly, I came across a couple promoted events with compelling titles – “The Civil Rights Movement Reconsidered: Decentralization, Radicalism & Youth Militancy” and “Religion and Politics: Discussing the Role of Religion in Contemporary American Politics and the 2012 Election.” The former was the official MSU-sponsored Martin Luther King, Jr., Lecture, while the latter consisted of faculty members from several fields and seemed innocent prima facie. What could go wrong? Well, to begin, here are a handful of randomly selected quotations from the so-called scholarly forum on religion and politics:

–          “There’s a strong anti-Muslim sentiment” on the right.

–          Newt Gingrich is “a problem.”

–          “…Jews returning to Israel to be blown up… it’s a joke!”

–          Ron Paul is a “racist.”

–          “The responsible political left…”

The wholeheartedly biased members of the four-person panel took turns firing off their disdain for the conservative presidential candidates. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum received a bulk of the determined punches. Courtesy of Professor Amy DeRogatis of the Department of Religious Studies, the former U. S. Senator was labeled an anti-gay, anti-abortion bigot. With a full dose of inherently regressive-academic-tinted sarcasm, she proudly stated that her current research focus consists of “conservative Evangelicals and the Tea Party.”

The other presentation, led by doctoral student David M. Walton, who also goes by the chosen name Kalonji A. Butholenkosi, featured a number of explicit references and X-rated content. The N-word was used multiple times in the YouTube video clips that were shown, in addition to the pair of verbal bombs dropped by Mr. Walton himself. Which media bits did the student-, professor-, staff-, and community radical-laden audience have to watch, you ask? “Whitey’s on the Moon” and “[N—-s] are Scared of Revolution,” to be blunt.

That is not all. A formal university display isn’t complete without a thorough bashing of the Republican Party. “The GOP is racist,” proclaimed this twenty-first century radical activist. He criticized Ronald Reagan for cracking down on communist student organizations. Now for the real shocker: “Unfortunately, the wrath of God didn’t come down fast enough [on Reagan] for black people.” Noticeable laughter from the audience echoed throughout the room.

Pages upon pages of Hayek, Friedman (Milton – not the modern New York Times version), and Mises could have been read during the amount of time I spent in this panel. Sure, I may have lost a batch of brain cells, but what is more: the millennial generation takes the brunt of the blow.  My fellow students, most of whom are unsuspecting, are being indoctrinated by the hot air spewed out of the mouths of terrifying statists and, in the case of Bill Ayers, American terrorists. To top it off, far too many colleges are actually initiating the brainwashing! We need to stand together and fight to restore the exceptional mindset of the American people.

Nicholas Kowalski :: Michigan State University :: East Lansing, Michigan :: @NKowalski