The legal vetting of the so called “landmark accomplishment” of the Obama administration has officially begun. The Supreme Court has started its hearings on the constitutionality of “The Affordable Care Act” and, as the nation watches, the media spins, and the world turns, most Americans hope for the final verdict to be that it’s unconstitutional.

The 2,700 page taxpayer funded monstrosity has not gained any popularity since its passage in March 2010. According to a February 2012 Gallup poll, 72% of Americans believe “ObamaCare” is inconsistent with the constitution. The same poll found that 56% of Democrats find the intrusive legislation unconstitutional as well. Never in American history has a president touted such a controversial and unpopular overhaul as his signature achievement. When almost three-fourths of Americans believe that the primary focus of Obama’s presidency has been unconstitutional, there is definitely a threat to freedom.

The liberals who authored and sponsored this bill don’t understand the extent of the word “unconstitutional.” An unconstitutional piece of legislation is in other words an illegal and intrusive act of government that is prohibited by the constitution. Deeming a bill unconstitutional and illegal, would make its chief architect an offender of the Constitution. The media’s political pundits argue what the outcome of an annulment of Obamacare would mean for the president’s re-election. Some liberal commentators suggest that an overruling of the law would actually help President Obama win another term. How can a president who is deemed an offender of the Constitution be re-elected? Has our culture been so significantly altered that the American people are no longer offended by the offenders of their legal playbook?

I fear the possibility of Americans becoming complacent with big government more than I fear big government itself. Everything the federal government touches turns to ice. The Post Office, AMTRAK, and Cash for Clunkers are just a few federally funded disasters. Why should Americans trust the federal government with the most personal service they use? If this law is not overruled or repealed, waiting for treatment in the emergency room will be like standing in line to renew your driver’s license. If this socialist resolution is solidified, then it will be the Post Office, Solyndra, and stimulus package of the healthcare industry. Legally we cannot accept Obamacare, nor can we financially afford it.

Obamacare is an unprecedented overreach of federal power. This behemoth of bureaucracy is inconsistent with The Commerce Clause, the section of the Constitution that regulates interstate commerce. This segment allows such laws like those mandating the purchase of car insurance to be legal. The government can only force you to purchase something if there is a present activity. In the case of car insurance, they can mandate it because the activity present is the act of driving. In the case of the federal government mandating minimal health insurance, there is no activity present (perhaps maybe living, but no one can help that). This is where the Supreme Court should rule “The Affordable Care Act” unconstitutional.

Any elected official who illegally defaces the Constitution of the greatest nation in the world should be unseated. If President Obama’s proud “accomplishment” of socializing the healthcare industry is found unconstitutional (illegal), the impeachment hearings should begin right after the Supreme Court’s verdict. If somehow the intrusive legislation stands, then the removal of President Obama will have to wait until November 6, 2012.

The “Affordable Care Act” is unaffordable, illegal, and inconvenient. These Supreme Court hearings should not only decide weather or not Obamacare is legitimate, it should decide the fate of his presidency as well. Will the people unseat him through the election process or the impeachment process? Both are extremely desirable compared to the alternative: the re-election and subsequent tarnishing of America and its principles.

Colin Snell | Burlington College