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I want to first thank you for reading TheCollegeConservative.  It is an absolute honor to lead an organization that allows conservative students to passionately proclaim truth, not only on the web, but also on their campuses, on the radio, and on television. While we may all differ slightly in our pursuit of conservatism, I think it’s safe to say that we all desire for prosperity to continue pushing this great nation forward.  We believe that part of the pursuit involves an investment in our contributors and in this website.

TheCollegeConservative is run entirely by college students and does not receive funding from any organizations or groups.  In effort to keep the site going and proclaiming conservative truth for generations to come, we need help from great patriots like you.  In the past four months, we have published almost three hundred articles, added forty-five staff members, appeared on hundreds of radio shows, been on FoxNews, and, most amazingly, hosted over one million readers.  To achieve this level in only four months is only possible by the grace of God and your continued readership.

Today, I ask you to consider making a contribution to TCC.  Obviously, financial contributions are needed to continue doing what we do, but we certainly appreciate the shares, prayers, and encouraging words as well.  For every set of eyes that reaches our conservative oasis of collegiate thought, the better chance we have at winning back our generation and taking back our nation from the grips of socialism and immorality.  If I, or any of our staff, can ever be of service to you, please contact me personally. Thank you!

In Veritas,

Zachary Freeman, Editor-in-Chief,


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