It’s a ball wrapped in white leather, stitched together with red string. It’s a stick made out of maple or ash, chiseled and stained to just the right color and length. It’s a diamond that does not sparkle or shine, but has four bases with the final called “home.” It’s a large piece of leather – created to catch. Home run, strike three, safe, and out. These are all images and words of the most American sport: baseball.

Today is opening day for baseball; millions of Americans have officially begun their yearly ritual of “rooting for their home team.” And, if they “don’t win it’s a shame.” The “home team” for me is the Cleveland Indians. If you know anything about baseball, you know it is not easy being a Cleveland fan.

The same can be said about being a conservative. It is not easy to see “your team” lose all the time. It is not easy to live in a society that is increasingly hostile, agnostic, and liberal. It’s not easy to speak out and factually back up what you believe. It’s not easy to have a strong, non-compromising moral standard.

It’s a white-haired man wrapped in serious moral issues, weakly brought together by an unstable campaign. It’s a thin, tall man – stained with age and libertarianism. It’s a middle-aged man with a convicted moral core – social issues are at “home.” It’s a Massachusetts moderate who is in the bottom of the 9th, leading 642-252. Newt, Ron, Rick, and Mitt are competing for the most American job possible.

As for the Cleveland Indians, it’s always hard to look at our roster, team, and season, and truly believe that we’ll do well in September.

For my other team, the American Conservatives, it is very hard to look at this roster, this team, this season and think that we will do well come November. But, as a strongly principled Republican, I refuse to accept defeat – no matter the odds or score.

Go Tribe. Go Republicans.

Vince Tornero | Ohio State University | Columbus, Ohio | @VinceTornero


Vince is the host of “True Conviction” – the official talk show of The College Conservative – heard every Monday night at 9pm Eastern/6pm pacific at