Regardless of what you think happened in the Trayvon Martin case, and it is really irrelevant, you should at least feel bad for all of the families involved. Nobody outside of the case knows the facts, yet the media has run away with this case in a clear effort to boost their ratings. But they are not the only ones. The exploitation of the killing of Trayvon Martin extends all the way from President Barack Obama to possibly even Trayvon’s own parents. It is amazing to see the extent that these exploiters will go to in order to score some points at Trayvon’s expense.

The first person to really zero in on the Trayvon Martin case was none other than the illiterate Al Sharpton over at MSNBC (read: MSLSD). To boost his ratings, Al “not-so” Sharpton utilized his race-baiting skills to bring this case to the forefront of media attention without letting the legal process run its course. Al Sharpton became an instant expert and clearly knows more than anyone else about the case and he wanted to be sure that his thoughts were known. The majority of his television shows consist of utterly incoherent babbling, and his latest efforts to exploit the Trayvon Martin case are consistent with that mantra.
Sharpton: 1  Trayvon: 0

Even our own President couldn’t help himself when it came to the Trayvon Martin case. As we know, President Obama doesn’t like to field questions after his press conferences because he doesn’t want to have to explain his pathetic record. However, after a White House press conference on March 23rd, Obama was more than happy to field a single set-up question from one of his friendly reporters. Having clearly prepared statements, Obama rightfully expressed his condolences to the family of the 17-year-old Martin. But then, he began speaking ad-lib. President Obama played his favorite card, race, by insinuating that if he had a son, “he’d look like Trayvon.” Stick to the teleprompter, Barack.
Obama: 1  Trayvon: 0

The President wasn’t the only politician to try and score some points, courtesy of the Trayvon Martin case. Bobby Rush, a Congressman from Illinois, explained on the floor of the House that just because a man wears a hoodie doesn’t necessarily make him a hoodlum. Rush then took off his jacket to reveal a hoodie underneath, and then began acting like a hoodlum. He was repeatedly asked to leave the floor, but he kept reading Bible verses over the repeated requests of the House leadership asking him to stop. He was eventually escorted off the floor for a rules violation. While he doesn’t see the irony in his actions, Bobby Rush felt like he made his points. And the Old Black Panther Party that he helped found agreed.
Bobby Rush: 1  Trayvon: 0

Outside of the political scope, a myriad of businesses were cashing in on the young man’s death. A strip club in Greensboro, North Carolina planned to have a party “in honor of Trayvon Martin.” The shooting of Trayvon Martin would essentially be used as a theme for said party. The strip club hoped that the notoriety of the case would bring in troves of customers which would result in a handsome profit for the club. After a huge public backlash, the club decided not to host the event. However, the free advertising they received was enough to put them in the win column.
Bentley’s Lingerie Lounge: 1  Trayvon: 0

Finally, are Trayvon’s own parents making a dash for the cash as well?  On March 27th, it was reported that Trayvon’s mother, Sybrina Fulton, had applied for trademarks on a couple of Trayvon Martin slogans. According to her own testimony, she is in fact planning to use the trademarked slogans to make money, but “for charity.” It would seem to me that in light of losing her son, the last thing that she should be worried about is trademarking his name. I’m sure this is not the last we will hear about this.
Parents: ?  Trayvon: ?

It is absolutely disgusting that this case has become so politicized by leaders of the Democrat party and by people looking to make a quick buck. The Left is always concerned with scoring political points and they have resorted to using the tragic death of a 17-year-old boy as a springboard to bolster their political base. The political ambulance chasers of the Democrat party have really outdone themselves this time.

Jeffrey Max | Texas Wesleyan University | Ft. Worth, Texas | @JeffreyMaxxx