Racist. War monger. Capitalist pig.

These are names Conservatives are all too familiar with and have been called on a routine basis, along with questions like, “how can you be so hateful?” or “do you want people to just drop dead?” Obviously the answer to that is no, but that doesn’t stop the Liberal Left from jumping to conclusions and vilifying Conservatives.

With my last article “Confessions of a Hispanic Racist,” there were numerous accusations, false ideologies to my upbringing, and even a hate blog all of which screamed “I’m Liberal!” from the commentators. My column was a satirical viewpoint on the Liberal Left’s hypocritical ideology of the massive Hispanic “minority” who are here illegally and wreaking havoc in our country by not contributing to our society, yet reaping the benefits of being a citizen here.  But it brought to light another dilemma in our country– the idea that we as Conservatives should embrace illegal immigration; true Conservatism is now considered old-fashioned. and false ideology that everyone of Hispanic background is sympathetic to Hispanic illegals is supported.

So often in college text books today you’ll find chapters that ultimately read: “Racism is a thing of the past and we must continue to give immigrants a free ride to everything as well as sending our resources to other countries who hate us because of the oppression people have suffered at the hands of Americans.” In other words, white American man is evil and should therefore be made to share his wealth and resources in order to prove he is not racist.

Fantastic. My colleagues and I are supposed to stand helplessly on the sidelines as America goes down the toilet simply because we have become a nation that caters to every helpless person in the world except for our own people. We are progressively conforming to ways of a country that doesn’t even understand or appreciate documents such as the Magna Charta or the U.S. Constitution, let alone the Declaration of Independence. In case you Liberal gringos haven’t noticed, that’s racism against yourselves. Mucho stupido.

My point? If Hispanics are here illegally, they technically already broke the law (and our immigration rules) by entering the U.S. without a visa. I can understand someone bringing their family because they’re trying to escape from a Communist regime, but feeding off our welfare while not paying taxes is wrong. Trust me, if American citizens can get away with cheating on their taxes, not paying back what they owe, and owning fake ID’s, so can illegal immigrants.

Also, if you’re coming to the United States, please learn to speak English. I chose not to learn Spanish in high school because I see myself as an American, and didn’t want to be viewed as an immigrant. My family on my mother’s side have lived here for 4 generations; I think I deserve to view myself as an American. We may not have a national language but our Constitution, the law of our land, is written in English. By the way, there is a reason why I can’t cite illegal immigration statistics for you. Hint: It’s because illegals are undocumented, hence, the term “illegal.”

And you wonder why I get so ticked at being titled a “minority.” Being American does not mean every citizen is entitled to a happy lifestyle filled with welfare, plasma televisions, or driving nice cars. It’s about being free and having the ability to work your way up in life without the fear of government telling you how to run your life. It’s about the God-given rights as individuals. I’m not being racist or paranoid; I’m standing up for my country. If by doing so I have to deny being Hispanic or other ethnic backgrounds, you better believe I will. Because I am first and foremost an American.

Elissa Roberson | College of the Desert | Palm Desert, California | @ElissaRoberson