Yeah, take that Main Stream Media and trolls on Twitter who only care about civil rights and social inequalities when the liberal elite tells you to.  Yes, I sound my barbaric yawp over the roofs of the world, I have chosen to NOT care about this particular murder.  I’m sorry Trayvon died, I’m sorry George Zimmerman killed him, vicariously ending his own chance of a normal life, and I’m sorry that families were hurt and needless hate and violence snowballed into a Media freak show. I’m sorry, but I don’t care. You know why?  I’m numb.

I’m numb because of the Media’s tendency to pick and choose which act of murder is more important than the rest of them and I’m numb because of the mindless angerbot, faux attorneys that take up this mantle of Twitter-engineered rage over something that is not only blown out of proportion, but distorted by some clever spinster at a corporate news office aiming to make the real world nothing but a larger, less fuzzy screened episode of “Days of Our Lives.”

You know how many murders happen per year in America?  Roughly 17,000.  Is Trayvon Martin’s case more important than the other 16,999 people who were slaughtered?  No, his is not.  You know why you hear it blaring from every confounded TV station? Because it is a great way to boost some ratings and create something out of nothing.

Congratulations, y’all have officially become pawns in a disgusting game.

“Oh, but the race card” you say! And to that I respond with this little story:

Ever heard of the town of Franklin Furnace, Ohio?  No?  Why not?  Three people, a husband, a wife, and their 20-something year old daughter, all shot by a gunman over a drug deal gone bad. Trust me, I know. It’s my hometown. The convicted gunman was my cousin. The people she supposedly killed were people I knew; I even graduated high school with their niece. Did you hear about that on the news?  No, you didn’t. Why not?

They were white.

Yep. I went there. Let the hate mail begin.

They were white, Appalachian hillbillies with nothing better to do than do drugs, go to Wal-Mart, and watch the occasional NASCAR race. Never mind the fact that three people died; a fourth if you count the gunman, because life in prison is death in the free world. Forget the issues of drug use and the Government’s questionable drug war that seems to have Appalachia trapped in some alternate primal universe; nah, this was just some vanilla on vanilla action — no story there.

Our family, their family, our community, was figuratively flipped upside down. It seemed like people sat around here with their mouths just gaping open for days. Maybe, we thought, just maybe, some sort of weird universal good can come from this. Some good media attention to show the evils of drugs and the dark society that is created from the effects they have on the nuclear family and the local community. Nobody called.

I said all of that to say this; there was a reason they didn’t call. It wasn’t juicy enough. Just some coked-up rednecks shooting each other again. Sing a new song why dontcha!

No, there is no way we can make anything out of that, they said.  The only time we show white people crimes is when they have some sort of depression induced breakdown and drown their kids in the bath tub or throw their lifeless child out in the woods before they go out for a night on the town. Crackers be trippin’ yo.

There was nothing to spin in our case. No hate crimes, no wealth-prompted insanity, nothing they could possibly twist to get one sect of people fighting another.

Here is a news flash for everyone getting all worked up over Trayvon Martin, the media doesn’t care about him either. For those of you supporting George Zimmerman, the media doesn’t care about justice for him. And for that very reason, I don’t play their reprehensible game. I simply don’t care. They, the shock jock Media, just want all of you to look in the mirror, realize who you are, and hate anything that doesn’t look and act like you.

Hate. Hate sells. Keep the hate alive.

Tanner Salyers | Shawnee State University | Portsmouth, Ohio | @TannerSalyers