I had never really heard the term “political civility” until last January, following the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords. One of the loudest proponents of “political civility” was Sen. John Kerry, who spoke about his desire for civility and bipartisanship. Civility is a good thing. Everyone likes being civil.

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That being said, sometimes I’m both amused and horrified by the immature, un-civil acts of the Left. For example, I stumbled upon this gem the other day:
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This is a screenshot of a fake Facebook page for the governor of Maine, Paul LePage. The page portrays LePage as an uneducated dolt, and includes an album full of unflattering pictures. The page has him listed as attending “The School of Hard Knocks, the University of Life” and Catherine McAuley High School, the all-female Catholic high school in Portland, Maine.

(Side note: when the left is harping about a supposed “war on women,” it’s not wise to deride a conservative male by saying he attended an all-female school.)

Never mind that posing online as someone else is a crime, as is impersonating a public servant, and that fake Facebook pages are a violation of Facebook’s terms of use. Creating a fake Facebook page to mock someone is behavior I’d expect from middle schoolers. This is a fake Facebook page for the governor — a powerful, elected official. The majority/all of the fake governor’s “friends” are college-age or above, and most of them are involved in some form of left-wing activism. This behavior is incredibly juvenile and not what I’d expect from mature adults.

The fake LePage Facebook page isn’t just a one-post-and-done page created by a bored leftist. The page is active, and has activity as recent as noon on Friday, April 13. “Paul LePage” posted on the event page for the “May 1st General Strike! USM Rally and March to Congress Square” (an “Occupy”-esque student protest at several universities, mine included. Bring your instruments!), saying, “Sorry-too busy striking against General Assistance up here in Disgusta. Hope you get maced, commies!”
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What a class act by a class group of individuals. Portraying LePage in this way and posting things under his name and picture is libel, which is another crime. That’s at least three crimes on just one Facebook page! Way to go, leftists of southern Maine! Your parents must be so proud!

You know what I don’t remember? I don’t remember a fake John Baldacci Facebook page run by conservatives to mock him while he was governor of the state. I even searched for one. There isn’t one. I guess conservatives have more things to do with their lives than waste time on Facebook with petty attacks against those who they disagree with.

I also don’t remember a deluge of “62%” stickers on conservative cars when Baldacci was re-elected with a mere 38% of the vote. Also I don’t remember “65%” stickers when Angus King was initially elected with 35% of the vote in 1994. However, approximately 20 minutes after the election was called in 2010, it seemed as though every center-left car in the state was sporting a shiny new “61%” sticker.  It’s fine if you don’t agree with everything LePage does; no politician is going to please everyone 100% of the time. A sticker campaign though?  Come on. Grow up. Maine’s got a rich history of three-party elections; this isn’t a new concept. It’s very strange how the Left only has issues with the current electoral system when they’re on the losing end of it.

If the Left wants political civility so badly, I suggest they start with themselves.

All screenshots were captured on April 13, 2012.

Christine Rousselle | Providence College | Providence, Rhode Island | @CRousselle