Liberals create slogans because they can’t create results. They are great at manipulating language to stir up emotions that distract from dealing with the real issues facing Americans. We have witnessed that all too much in the past month with the ‘War on Women,’ manipulation of the Trayvon Martin case, and the touting of the “Buffett Rule” as a way to correct our flawed tax system.

Alleging that Conservatives are waging a ‘War on Women’ stems from the complete ignorance liberals have of conservative thought. Being pro-life and pro-religious liberty does not inherently make one anti-women. RNC Chairman Rance Preibus attempted to explain this to MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts, but could not get the message through to him that these were unrelated issues.

Creating a race issue out of nothing in the Trayvon Martin case is another way they have manufactured controversies where none really exist. None of us have any idea what happened the night Trayvon was killed. It is possible that George Zimmerman acted within the letter of the law. It is also possible he crossed a line. That is up to a jury to decide. So why did Al Sharpton, President Obama, and Attorney General Eric Holder all rush to get involved?  Their remarks focus on race, driving a wedge among Americans, to exploit a tragedy.

President Obama himself has initiated the latest gimmick of political word games and manipulation with the “Buffett Rule.” Applying a minimum tax of 30% on millionaires because they do not pay their fair share (which is not true) would not help with deficit or debt reduction. All it does is perpetuate class warfare by demonizing success and encouraging an entitlement mentality.

All of these contrived controversies beg the question: Why the blatant attempt to deceive and divide the American people?

Mitt Romney said it best. It’s simply because “this president can’t run on his record.”

The unemployment rate is at 8.2%. Although that rate has been declining, youth unemployment is even worse and on the opposite trajectory.  As of August 2011, 18.1% of youth, defined as ages 16-24, were unemployed. The rate for teenagers climbed last month to a whopping 25%.

This is a real problem.

If the President continues to ignore this issue, youth in the United States could end up becoming another ‘Lost Generation,’ just like the youth in Spain have been transformed into. Unemployment for youth, defined as ages 16-25, is at an astounding 50.4% there. Their economy is projected to contract this year by 1.7%. Proposed austerity measures have been met with protests. Probably because no one actually has a job to go to instead.

The cause of their current situation is the same as the rest of the Eurozone- the burst of the property bubble exacerbated long term trends of irresponsible spending, expanding government, and the rise of an entitled class. Spain is especially worrisome because on top of the standard debt, economic growth (or lack thereof), and unemployment problems, they have an entire generation unprepared for the world. They failed to address the problem and will soon be paying dearly for it.

Europe is ripe with examples of what Obama’s policies lead to. This is what we need to be focusing on. This is what is at stake in 2012.

Mallory Carr | Georgetown University | Washington, DC | @MalloryCarr