It’s no secret that Mark Levin’s radio show is the pinnacle of talk radio. It’s also not lost on anybody that Levin absolutely despises of Barack Obama’s political policies and personal conduct. On Levin’s radio show on April 17th, I witnessed the ultimate merging of these two suppositions, which ultimately concluded with Mark Levin calling for President Barack Obama to turn himself in to the Department of Justice for collusion in the oil market.

Earlier this week, President Obama unveiled a new phony $52 million plan that would supposedly fund a team of regulators to crack down on so called “speculators” and “colluders” that are trying to “manipulate the oil market” in order to make a quick profit. Over the past three years, President Obama has continually stated that speculators are the reason for the increase in gas prices, not his destructive policies, and he’s finally decided to do something about it just before the elections. How opportune. I personally don’t see how a relatively small amount of people purchasing stocks could have such a drastic impact on oil and gas prices, but then again, I’m not President of the Harvard Law Review. I guess President Obama didn’t yet see how this political proclamation might ultimately backfire, as critical thinking has never been his strong point. And so the search begins.

Without wasting any time, Mark Levin jumped right into the matter headfirst. Not even thirty minutes into his show, he found his first colluder, Obama’s Energy Secretary Steven Chu. Levin zeroes in on a famous clip that he regularly plays from time to time in which the Secretary of Energy blatantly states that he wants to “boost the price of gasoline to the levels in Europe.” For reference, households in Europe are currently paying on the business end of $8 for a gallon of gasoline. So as a matter of fact, Obama’s Energy Secretary has an enumerated goal of driving up gas prices in order to coerce individuals into purchasing more fuel efficient vehicles. Ergo, he is manipulating the market in order to achieve this end. Turn yourself in, Steven.

Mark Levin then finds the most notorious colluder of them all — President Barack Obama, the very man that established the investigation. Our President is causing a spike in gas prices by denying drilling permits and vetoing pipelines. The laws of supply and demand are widely accepted as natural economic forces across a large swath of ideologies. However, our President doesn’t believe in such basic truths. So he blocks production, which decreases supply, which raises prices. Interestingly enough, he recently granted a drilling permit in the Gulf of Mexico to Brazil but denied similar requests by American companies. Obama shares the same goal as Chu: to force the American people into his green energy projects.  Raising gas prices is a quick way to expedite that transition. Levin is right. Obama needs to turn himself in.

Without spending a single dime, Mark Levin found two colluders that hold very high positions within our own federal government that have openly stated their plans to manipulate the oil market. While Obama’s quest to find himself and his hand-appointed Secretary of Energy will cost the American taxpayer $52 million, Levin does all of the work for free. This is really an open and closed case for the Department of Justice and they should be able to simply head straight on over to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to apprehend the head conspirator.

The reality of the situation is that government is the biggest profiteer of oil and gasoline sales than any other entity, even the oil companies themselves. The federal government currently enjoys a profit on gasoline sales that is more than seven times the profit margin that gas stations revel in. With that said, the government (read: Obama) obviously has an incentive to drive up the prices. The more they can tax, the more they can theoretically make. So let’s stop with these straw man arguments and the political scapegoating that is clearly just a tired ploy to score some political points. Obama and his administration are the real speculators and colluders here, purposefully driving up the prices of gasoline and oil so that they can achieve their regressive agenda.

On Tuesday night’s program, Mark Levin hit the ball out of the park. He exposed the rampant hypocrisy that is the featured mantra of the Obama Administration. Levin’s call for Obama to turn himself in to the Department of Justice should be a rallying cry for the 2012 election season. We need to explain and demonstrate to the American people that the manipulator of the oil market is actually employed as the head of our executive branch, with his appointed minions working very hard underneath him in the bureaucracy to achieve the same goals. We cannot let him get away with this investigative theatre in which he pretends to search for exploiters, all the while squandering $52 million of our tax dollars. It’s time that the American people wake up to this President’s actions and force him to take the heat for this, and, as Mark Levin already said, “turn himself in” for his fraudulent actions.

Jeffrey Max | Texas Wesleyan University | Fort Worth, Texas | @JeffreyMaxxx