Governor Romney was not my favorite candidate. Statistically speaking, however, it almost certain that he will be the GOP’s candidate. The majority shall prevail for better or for worse, and the faster conservatives can rally behind Governor Romney, the better chance we have of making President Obama a one-term president.

Our more dedicated readers are more often than not rolling their eyes by this point. Oh, he’s one of them…so I’m supposed to forget all of Romney’s flip-flops and ignore his out of touch personality just because he’s a Republican? So to soothe any concerns, I am not here to defend Gov. Romney’s record (I wouldn’t dare try). Nor am I here to brag about how “presidential” he looks, whatever that means.

If we are going to elect a conservative to the White House (or someone who will at least govern like one), there is one priority that conservatives must have: to pray for Governor Romney. As Mark Levin would say: “That’s right I said it!” We need to pray not only for the Governor’s victory, but also that he will be faithful to his word once elected to office. We can phone-bank, write checks, and vote all we want, but if a candidate’s character isn’t sound, then it won’t do us much good to fire one politician and replace him with another.

We might only have one chance to turn this country around and restore it to its proper place in human history. We need a leader who we can trust – a leader with principle, conviction, and vision. We simply don’t have time for broken promises, scandals, or corruption. This nation must be restored now.

I believe that prayer is the only means of achieving that end. Human nature has proved too many times to be inconsistent and unreliable. As James Madison once said,

“But what is government itself, but the greatest of all reflections on human nature? If men were angels, no government would be necessary…but experience has taught mankind the necessity of auxiliary precautions.”

In context, Mr. Madison is commenting on the ingenious structure of our government. Federalist #51 states that the Constitution is devised so that the separation of powers will put a check on the evil tendencies of human nature. In addition to the political “auxiliary precautions” that Madison mentions, such as the separation of powers, I believe prayer to be a vital check on human nature and a necessity if the character of our leaders is to be upheld.  No human being is without fault, and no human being is immune to the lures of power and control.

Whatever you thoughts about Governor Romney, pray for him. If you are a lover of liberty, pray for his victory in November. If you are an American, pray that he maintains his moral character if elected.

To close, I will leave you with a poem that I wrote on the importance of humility and civic virtue in our nation’s leaders:


If Men were Angels

If men were angels no need there would be

For law or for order or justice you see.

But men are not angels, nor creatures divine

They lack white wings and halos that shine.

Weak-minded and soft in the scope of all things

Mankind is lost and desperately clings

To the lusts and desires which pulse through his heart

With fiery passion that soon doth not part.

The best and the brightest are darkened by power

Which when absolute turns sweet into sour.

The best and the brightest like stars in the sky

Pour down from the heavens like tears from the eye.

Once was a man, an angel in fact

Who greedily desired the power which he lacked.

A third he won over till at last cast away

An angel befallen whom power led astray.

To those who deny the weakness of man

Whose arrogant hubris touts “yes we can!”

To those who would seek more central control

And would leave man’s liberty to a dangerous toll,

To those who would see power in the hands of the few

Take heed from the warning now presented to you:

Men are not angels, and even if they were

Angels can fall and evil incur

For the glory and majesty our Lord now in heaven

Compares not to man’s glory if even times seven

How quickly we forget that man is but dust

By the breath of the Spirit we bloom or we bust

Power is not ours, but God’s alone

The true Incorruptible, our sin he atones.

Alan Groves | Freed-Hardeman University | Henderson, Tennessee | @AlanGroves2