Starting at an early age, we are told to work out our problems with others by talking to them. Although this tactic might work on the elementary school playground, international relations are slightly more complicated.  Dealing with rogue nations complicates matters even further.

State sponsors of terror are impossible to talk to and the United States should not even attempt to maintain diplomatic relations with them. It only flatters the ego-centric countries and their world leaders, legitimizing their government. This has been common sense for all of Obama’s predecessors. Terrorist sponsoring countries, such as Iran and North Korea, are irrational, have no regard for life, never hesitate to use violence, and deeply hate everything America fundamentally represents. Nothing can be gained from attempting to negotiate with such countries.

Obama has decided otherwise though, disregarding decades of experience. His approach has been to increase diplomacy with these states and the results are a weakened America and a more dangerous world. Nothing exemplifies this like Obama’s recent handling of the crashed drone in Iran. In December, the Iranians displayed the drone they had seized on national television and started working to decode its intelligence gathering system. On April 22, Iran said it cracked the code and provided information about its flight pattern that they would have no other way of knowing. U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta doubts this is true, but the Administration’s handling of the situation raises serious questions regardless.

Why was the drone abandoned in enemy territory to begin with? They should have destroyed it as soon as they found out. This is the logical response for something that contains intelligence and technology we do not want our enemies to possess. Whether or not the Iranians have already cracked the code, they will. They have time and resources. When they do, they can use that information against our armed forces. If they are for some reason unable to, they can sell it to China who will be able to copy our technology. Neither scenario ends well for America.

Secondly, Obama’s reaction to Iran’s announcement that they took our drone would be laughable if it was not our president speaking. His exact quote on the situation was, “We’ve asked for it back. We’ll see how the Iranians respond.” We’ve asked for it back? Is this amateur hour?

Not surprisingly, the Iranians kept it. He must not have said ‘please.’

Obama’s maneuver made a joke out of the United States. In February, an Iranian toy company released a pink model of a U.S. drone and promised to send one to Obama, as per his request.

Losing a piece of military technology is not the same as losing a baseball in your neighbor’s backyard. You cannot just ask for it back. Our national security depends on this man?  Now, Iran holds information that has the potential to cause our troops extreme and undue harm.

Unfortunately, acting soft on nations in the ‘Axis of Evil’ characterizes the Obama presidency. For example, Obama began his term by condemning former President George W. Bush’s efforts to isolate North Korea and blamed this policy for causing the country to develop its nuclear program more. North Korea immediately took advantage of the weaker leader and, within four months of Obama’s inauguration, violated UN sanctions and launched a missile over the Sea of Japan.

Not deterred, the president has continued with his naïve approach. On Leap Day of this year, Obama entered into the ‘Leap Day deal’ to exchange food aid with North Korea if they ceased working on major elements of their nuclear program. Within less than a month, North Korea attempted to launch a rocket.

Obama is not ignorant of the consequences of his policies. Secretary Clinton was quoted on the drone debacle as saying:

“We obviously believe strongly in a diplomatic approach. We want to see the Iranians engage and, as you know, we have attempted to bring about that engagement over the course of the last three-plus years. It has not proven effective, but we are not giving up on it.”

Team Obama sticks to their dangerous policies regardless of admitting they are absolute, complete and utter failures. There is no possible favorable outcome, no ‘best case scenario’ to engaging in diplomatic relations with these nations. In Obama’s fantasy world, after talking to Kim Jong-Un, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and Ayatollah Khomeini for an hour or so, they would suddenly realize the error of their ways, stop hating America and freedom, and cease their atrocities and human rights violations. This is not how terrorists think; they are not normal, rational people. Engaging with these countries only legitimizes their actions. Reagan had it right. We cannot negotiate with terrorists. It’s time Obama stops treating them like equals and starts cracking down on the ‘Axis of Evil.’

Mallory Carr | Georgetown University | Washington D.C. | @MalloryCarr