I remember desperately scouring the internet one night.  I had just discovered this new-found interest in politics and I wanted to learn more.  I had an addiction that I never knew I had: conservatism.  I knew where I stood on the issues of marriage, abortion, and personal responsibility, but that was not enough.  Whilst on a journey to learn more, to further educate myself, I discovered Michael Savage – one of the most controversial conservatives to date.

I was up late one night, on YouTube searching for videos that would help solidify my defense of traditional marriage.  I’d just begun taking college courses and sometimes the issue of same-sex marriage would arise.  I listened to my peers’ state things like “I believe in marriage equality” and “marriage should be for everyone.” I so desperately wanted to say, “I believe marriage is between one man and one woman,” but I remained silent.  I did not remain silent because I was afraid.  I did not remain silent because I was outnumbered.  I remained silent because I did not want to be the person who solely relied on Scripture to defend my beliefs, because not everyone believes in the Word of God. “Because the Bible tells me so,” quite frankly, is not a logical answer.  So, I told myself, “If you’re going to unashamedly declare that marriage is between one man and one woman, then you had better learn how to defend it.”  That night, I began to do my own research, and that night, I fell in love with Michael Savage.

Michael Savage is an underdog.  Perhaps that is one of the many reasons that I was, and still am, drawn to him.  Although Michael Savage is a best-selling author and his nationally syndicated talk show, “The Savage Nation,” is the 3rd most listened-to radio talk show; though his show attracts 10 million listeners a week, he isn’t known for making friends, even amongst his fellow, well-known conservatives.  In 2009, Savage was banned from Britain for “allegedly fostering extremism or hatred.”  The UK published and publicly released  the list of names of 16 individuals who were banned; the list includes Muslim extremists, Russian gang members, a Jewish extremist, a former Ku Klux Klan member, and… Michael Savage. I have been listening to Michael Savage for nearly two years now, and I have never heard him incite violence.  The publicity stunt pulled by Britain’s former Member of Parliament and Home Secretary Jacqui Smith was just that— a publicity stunt.  I expect nothing less from a radical leftist.

I wasn’t always as outspoken as I am today, and while I do not agree with everything Michael Savage says, he has been one of my biggest inspirations.  People are quick to label and stigmatize him as hateful, but he is simply misunderstood, as are most conservatives in a progressive era.  He also receives far less credit than he deserves.  Recently, Savage called the President out on one of his latest immoral inconsistencies: rigging the 2012 elections.  Remember the hot mic incident Obama had when speaking to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev?  Here it is, for those of you who have quickly forgotten.  The media has dismissed this as nothing more than Obama being confident or cocky, when in fact, our electoral process has been hijacked.  My colleague and fellow TheCollegeConservative contributor Sarah Hinds wrote an article on this a few weeks back.  This upcoming election is the most important election in U.S. history, but somehow, the way our votes are accounted for is not newsworthy whatsoever. It seems to concern no one that our votes are no longer counted by individual precincts, but by a company in Europe of which we know very little about. Both sides of the political aisle should be outraged, not silent; and I must say, I am extremely disappointed in conservatives’ failure to push this problem into the spotlight.

Speaking up, even when everyone else is silent or is trying to silence you, isn’t always easy.  I have learned that the hard way, as my conservative values aren’t always welcome on my campus, which is partly why TheCollegeConservative exists.  Regardless of what many people think about Dr. Savage, he is my conservative hero. While I still have a lot to learn, I have learned a great deal from him.  So, thank you, Michael Savage.

Atarah Golden | Cecil College | North East, Maryland | @AtarahGolden