I recently watched the historical/political/American musical 1776. If you haven’t seen it, you should. It tells the story of the founding father’s decision to write the Declaration of Independence and portrays the hot debates that ensued in the Continental Congress.

As I watched a historical account of our country’s founding and listened to the founding fathers disagree on American independence (through song, of course), I found myself wondering how we managed to become a country, which once was founded on unique, individual principles unlike any other nation, to a country which strives to replicate the failed policies of European nations whose ways we once renounced.

During the movie, a friend turned to me and asked a question that prompted deeper thought: how interesting would it be to go back to 1776 and see how people lived without the constant interference of government in their lives? How would people survive without the assistance of government too not only pay their food bills, but the various other aspects of life as well? While I know economic times are much different than in the year our nation was founded, our principles shouldn’t change; hard work will prevail.

Before we had Social Security, Americans did survive. Is that shocking? More so, before the New Deal and the Great Society, America was the greatest nation in the world. Before the introduction of government funded lives, Americans lived a life founded on hard work, neighborly assistance, and mutual aid societies, a form of private insurance funded to insure against the same problems that entitlements aim to alleviate.

For Americans of the 19th century, living a life “on the dole” was extremely embarrassing. Turning to the government was equated to admitting defeat. Now, people turn to the government at the first source of trouble. We have hit on this subject before and yet there is still no welfare reform. Entitlements are truly draining our country of all possible chances at a better future.

Social Security is nearing its end. What seemed to be a far off possibility is now predicted to occur in 2033, that’s only twenty-one years away! That’s also four years sooner than what has been said in the past. Each year it is predicted to end sooner and sooner than the years previous. In an article published in 2011, ABC News reported the funds would be drained by 2036. Now, just one year later, ABC News is reporting that Social Security will end in 2033.

For many of the people currently living under entitlements, when you spend enough time on unemployment, you stop worrying about being on unemployment. It happens, and it’s becoming more and more regular as we progress further into this economic downfall.

It would be ignorant to blame this on President Obama. While he has not made any great accomplishments in the name of regaining American excellence, he’s only been there three years. However, Obama is a big fan of handing out government-funded lives. He has proven this again and again as he progresses towards the close of his first term. Obama has become an expert at spending your money to fund things you don’t even experience, or worse, no one experiences.

As the fall election cycle begins to get under way, the hope and change has evolved to a new campaign slogan: Forward. What does “forward” mean? While to some it may mean the continued progression of our country onto a better path, for most, it should be a blazing red flag pointing to President Obama’s obvious desire that we change our economy to fit in with those across the Atlantic.

In Europe, forward is the slogan of the Marxian communist parties. Wikipedia refers to it as the “generic name of socialist publications.” Forward encapsulates the Marxian idea that history is in a constant progression out of its capitalist state towards socialism and ultimately, communism. In both Germany and Russia, newspapers run by the Socialist party were entitled “Vorwaerts” and “Vpered,” translated to “Forward.” More so, these newspapers boasted columns by Karl Marx, Engels, and Vladimir Lenin.

Obama, as Democrats enjoy saying, was educated at Columbia University and Harvard Law School. I’m going to go out on a limb and say he’s read The Communist Manifesto once or twice. Did he not think twice before blatantly brandishing himself as the reincarnation of Marxian ideals? Obama loves to boast of his worldliness; so to say he didn’t realize the socialist connotation of the word would be naive.

Make no mistake, Obama and his teams are smart; they are politicians, and rarely do politicians make a move that isn’t strategic. They are sending a clear message: Socialism has arrived in America.