Yesterday, the news erupted in a fanatical frenzy over the news that President Obama has announced his support for gay marriage. The Associated Press tweeted: “BREAKING: Obama tells ABC interviewer he supports gay marriage.” MSNBC must have forgotten caps lock was on, because their front page had a bold, 30-point font headline that read: “OBAMA BACKS GAY MARRIAGE.” Fox News posted a status on Facebook: “Breaking News: President Obama announces his support for same-sex marriages.”

All of this hullaballoo comes after an interview with ABC news in which he said: “At a certain point I’ve just concluded that for me personally it is important for me to go ahead and affirm that I think same sex couples should be able to get married.”

News outlets report this interview was “hastily scheduled.” Is it just me, or isn’t it ironic that this “hastily scheduled” announcement comes less than 24-hours after North Carolina voted to ban gay marriage? The Tar Heel State’s affirmation of marriage between a man and a woman has again ignited the gay marriage debate and made it a National issue. That has given Obama the opportunity to conveniently make a pro-gay marriage announcement during his reelection campaign. This statement has clearly been done at a strategic time to shore up support from the homosexual left. The Human Rights Campaign – a group dedicated to “working for lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender equal rights” – is celebrating Obama’s remarks. According to CNN, Chad Griffin of the HRC has said: “Obama’s words… will be celebrated by generations to come.” It would not make any sense for Obama to make a pro-gay marriage statement out of nowhere, when there is not a news event from which to base such words. He needed a story to make his same-sex comment.

The Commander in Chief’s affirmation of gay marriage should not be surprising or “breaking news.” In 1996 he unequivocally stated: “I favor legalizing same sex marriage.” I just wonder if news outlets will also include his quote from the Fall of 2008 where he said: “Marriage is between a man and a woman.” What about in 2010 when he stated: “My feelings about this (gay marriage) are constantly evolving. I struggle with this.”

Where is the media reporting his political maneuvering on this issue? Where is CNN, MSNBC, FOX, New York Times, USA Today, ABC News calling out Obama on his inconsistency? The answer: just about nowhere. As we saw in 2008, the media worked as Obama’s slaves for his election. They put themselves repeatedly on the line to elect their man. Now in 2012, they are trying hard to protect him. As far as I am concerned, ABC News’ “hastily scheduled interview” with President Obama is nothing but an Obama-Biden campaign press release. This is clearly a strategic move to use the media to his advantage. The White House knows reporters are their “yes men” to disseminate propaganda.

The President knows he needs this news to distract voters from the economy. Gas prices are hovering around $4-dollars a gallon, unemployment is at 8.2%, the national debt is well over $15-trillion and adding nearly $4-billion every single day. The President has added more to the national debt than George Washington-to-George H.W. Bush combined. Never mind that – but hip, hip, hooray, Obama supports gays!

I would hope that the homosexual groups applauding the president’s pro-gay stance would realize that they are nothing but a political pawn in the eyes of their dear leader. His “evolving” stance on homosexual marriage has shifted to the left at a time when his approval rating is bad and as he is slipping in the polls against Romney.

All of Obama’s actions are done with re-election in mind. His “gay marriage” remarks are done with no exception. We’re not stupid, Mr. President. We know what you’re doing.

Vince Tornero | Ohio State University | @VinceTornero

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