“With liberty and justice for all…unless you’re gay.”

I’ll say it. Might even be one of the few conservatives that will openly cede that homosexuals are discriminated against in America, and it’s truly a shame.

Rights granted to us under the Constitution are not meant to be selectively issued. As much as I believe in state’s rights, I do not believe it is a inherent right of a group of people to collectively restrict the rights of another group of people.

The problem with the anti-gay marriage argument is that no matter the route you take it, it seems to always come back to a particular religious view or set of “values.”  In America, we weren’t intended to legislate morality, we do it all the time, but we weren’t meant to do it, because morality and personal values are relative to each person.

For example, I think it’s morally wrong to eat a domesticated animal that is viewed by many as a member of the family. Barack Obama would disagree with me. Therefore, I will carry on with my life and not eat a dog, whereas our President may or may not enjoy the occasional shish-ka-poodle. So, instead of wasting time and money by drafting some strange overreaching bill that touches very few people, to avoid the pointless fighting, and to preserve our own personal rights, I will not eat a dog, and our President, who shall remain nameless, will eat his dog, in the privacy of his own home. There. No harm, no foul. Not such a “BFD” as Joe Biden would say.

Same goes for marriage. Same logic.

This is why I love America. Either we all get our way, and we are all happy together, or none of us get our way and we all light each other’s torches and share pitchforks as we go a-mobbin’ together. Aah, equality.

For my fellow religious folks:

As much as God made clear His stance on homosexuality, He also made clear that He is much more about love. That whole “Adam and Eve, Not Adam and Steve” mantra has to stop. Truth is, God made Adam, Eve, and Steve. He loves them equally, He just never intended for Adam and Steve to get married. To refuse all social rights to a group of people and to force them to live under your own self-assumed reign is un-American, un-Christian, and just, well, not cool. You can’t help who you love, and I do not doubt for a minute that gay folks love their partners. Since the argument is about preserving the sanctity of marriage, I offer you a solution – refuse “State marriage.”

Yeah, don’t get married via the court house. Besides, you’re making vows to each other in front of God. I don’t see where Dave, the local justice of the peace, whatever the heck that is, has any nickle in the dime of your union. Let the Church handle marriage, like it was meant to be. At my church, our pastor makes everyone go through a couples counseling course before he will marry them. Guess what? His divorce rate is low. Sanctity preserved! Let the individual churches regulate who they marry. Frankly, I’d rather see a loving gay couple married than a couple of goofy witless teenagers get married because they “luv” each other or an abusive boyfriend force a weak-minded girl to marry him.

Truth is, we don’t need to regulate marriage with government. You can’t legislate religion into the lives of those who lack religion. Radical Muslims do that, they call it Sharia law, would you want to live under that? I wouldn’t. No, protect marriage by taking it out of the hands of government and putting it back in the hands of individual churches. Let them decide if they want to marry a gay couple, and if your church does, and you disapprove, change churches. See, how that works? Just like the free market. Isn’t liberty fantastic?

Now, to all you Gay folks:

Get over it. Seriously. You can’t have marriage. Just as a 13-year-old Buddhist boy isn’t entitled to a Bar Mitzvah, you can’t take part in “Holy Matrimony.”  Don’t like that?  Think it’s unfair?  Take it up with God, I didn’t make the rules.

At the same time, you deserve to the same legal rights given to heterosexual couples getting married. It is not right for the government to refuse you and your partner a union, based upon a religious belief that you probably don’t even hold. If Evangelical Christians were prohibited by law from eating bacon because Orthodox Jews don’t agree with it, there would be riots in the streets. Same concept with marriage, really. Therefore, I offer you a solution – civil unions. All legal rights, granted by your Constitutional rights, finally given to you. A victory for both the LGBT community and personal liberty.

So, to finally shut this up, I propose that we strip away the right of the government to perform marriages. From then on, everyone gets a legal civil union. Man & woman, man & man, woman & woman, everyone gets a civil union by the government, officially binding them as far as the law sees it. If you want a marriage, to take an oath to share in godly love with one another, talk to a church. If they turn you down, go to another church.

At the end of the day, it’s all between you, your spouse, and God. A marriage certificate makes you “married” about as much as a “birth certificate” makes you a human. It’s not about the paper, it’s about the commitment, the union, the love.

Tanner Salyers | Pensacola Christian College | @TannerSalyers