“Obama laid down the gauntlet on black leaders.  The question we are being forced to address is ‘are you going to be black or be godly.'”—Bishop Harry Jackson, Jr. (statement on the president’s same-sex marriage endorsement)

It’s no secret that an overwhelming majority of blacks consistently vote Democrat.  And, it’s no secret that a majority of blacks oppose same-sex marriage.  We have seen it in California, one of the most liberal states in America, and most recently in North Carolina. This should come as no surprise, as blacks are the most religious group in the country.  Now that the president has endorsed same-sex marriage, many blacks have a dilemma.

I found the president’s “coming out” party rather amusing.  Well, it wasn’t a party, per se, since he did not hold a press conference.  Instead, he went the cowardice route and ran to ABC’s Robin Roberts.  Same-sex marriage is an issue he has been flip-flopping on (sorry, according to the mainstream media, Mitt Romney flip-flops; Obama “evolves”) since 1996.

The truth is Obama has always supported same-sex marriage.  He just couldn’t vocalize it because he knew that would never be elected as a state senator, as many individuals in the late 1990’s held strongly to traditional values.  But, Obama’s evolution is finally complete and that calls for a celebration: a $15 million celebration, courtesy of George Clooney. By the way, this fundraiser marks the president’s 191st .

Hours after the president’s endorsement of same-sex marriage, Obama began attacking Romney for his stance on traditional marriage.  But Romney isn’t the only one being attacked; black pastors and a host of other individuals are being attacked as well.  MSNBC host Chris Matthews told Bishop Harry Jackson, who spoke out against the president’s same-sex marriage endorsement, “I hope you evolve.”  We all know that Matthews frequently goes to great lengths to defend the president who constantly sends thrills up his legs.  In a recent interview with MSNBC’s Martin Bashir, he went so far as to compare Obama to Jesus Christ. CNN commentator and race-baiter Mike Dyson also used his pulpit to condemn black Americans who oppose the president’s evolved stance on same-sex marriage.  Throughout his commentary, he equated the issue of same-sex marriage with that of the civil rights movement.  Ignorance is bliss!

On HOT 97, a Hip-Hop radio station, several hosts encouraged their audience to call in and discuss the president’s “heroic” act.  Their exact words were, “. . . if you’re stupid [those who oppose same-sex marriage], call us right now.”  When several callers tried to articulate the reasons for their opposition to the president’s strategic political ploy and their opposition to same-sex marriage, they were mocked, ridiculed, and branded as “disgusting.”  Oh, the-oh-so-tolerant Left.

Many conservatives are convinced that Obama has lost most of the black vote.  I am not.  Black Americans support Obama far more than any other demographic, and his same-sex marriage endorsement did little to no damage at all.  It’s just being swept under the rug, as many are strongly compelled to remain loyal to the first “black” president.  Take Reverend Emmett Burns, who is also a Maryland delegate, for example: in an interview with CNN, he stated that he and his congregation would no longer support the president and would “stay home” this upcoming election.  Days later, in an interview with Bill O’Reilly, he retracted his statement, saying he “over spoke” and that he would continue to support the president. Reverend Randolph Bracy weighed in on the issue, too: “When all is said and done, African Americans will not abandon the president for Mitt Romney and the Republican Party.”  Let the church say AMEN!

Obama was, by gay activists’ definition, a homophobe and a bigot, but he has been redeemed. Now that he has taken the first step and is the “first gay president,” he is hoping that the rest of America, primarily blacks, will get on board. From what I’ve observed thus far, many have; but, there are a few who are still on the fence.

I am not facing the dilemma many others are as a result of the president’s metamorphosis.  The president’s endorsement of same-sex marriage came as no surprise and it certainly does not affect me in any way.  I was not raised to support a man or a woman because he shares my skin color.  I was not born a Democrat, nor was I born a Republican.  My allegiance is to God, not man.

If the majority of black Americans can sweep something as horrible as abortion and after-birth abortion (both of which the president proudly supports) under the rug, then they will surely do the same for same-sex marriage.  The president thanks you for your unwavering support.  God bless America!

Atarah Golden | Cecil College | @AtarahGolden