One surefire way to find out if someone is a liberal is to monitor the frequency and speed at which they drop the f-bomb:


It’s probably not the f-bomb you were thinking of, but since the word “fairness” has been co-opted by the Left, it has become just as damaging to the political discourse as the real f-bomb, which is 12 times more likely to be used by a liberal than a conservative in the blogosphere according to this study.

How many times have you heard your friends, family, or professors talk about how “the rich” needing to “pay their fair share?” If you are a conservative, you’ve probably often thought: What exactly is fair? How much should the rich pay in taxes? What is fair: 35%, 50%, or maybe even 90%?

Liberals have a difficult time answering this question. Will Smith is case in point. The Hollywood actor has long been a proud proponent of President Obama’s calls for higher taxes on the rich. However, when discussing the tax policy of the newly elected socialist president of France, François Hollande, Will Smith was appalled that the new president suggested a 75% tax rate on the highest income earners. His priceless reaction on French television can be seen here. For some reason Hollywood elites love to talk about higher taxes for the rich, but they are shamefully inconsistent and shockingly unintelligent sounding when talking about its practical application.

Evil oil companies are also favorite targets of the Left in the war on wealth. Democrats and Republicans alike champion the elimination of subsidies and tax loopholes from which oil companies supposedly benefit. They claim that oil companies need to “pay their fair share” (whatever that is). It’s odd though, considering the fact that oil companies pay the highest corporate income tax rates in the country. Forbes, reporting on the tax burden of America’s Top 20 Companies, found that the top three were all oil companies –ExxonMobile, Chevvron, and ConocoPhillips– which paid over 40% in taxes. Sure, these companies make billions upon billions of dollars in profit every year, but then again, I can at least think of a few more that do as well.

Forbes also finds that General Electric (GE), Apple, Microsoft, and Google are all multi-billion dollar corporations that succeed in avoiding taxes– and without the public outcry of the Obama administration and its blind followers. Apple, earning nearly $50 billion a year, has allocated 70% of its profits overseas on which it paid a feeble 9.8% in taxes. GE experienced a PR struggle once it was uncovered that it paid no taxes to the U.S. federal government a couple of years ago (though GE claims that it did pay 7.4%, which is still an extremely small amount). Google benefits from a mere 20% tax rate on its profits, most of which resides in Ireland and Holland.

So why isn’t the same level of “fairness” applied to these corporations? Perhaps it’s because they are all in bed with the government in some way, shape, or form. Democrats received an overwhelming majority of the political donations from communication and technology industries ($40 million). To see the donations of individual corporations, click here. Another reason seems to be that oil companies are simply easy scapegoats. Everyone has to put gas in their cars (unless you’re a tree-hugging bicycler or a city-slicker who utilizes public transportation), and hardly anyone goes around thinking, I just love oil companies. They are so kind and friendly! Thus, picking on big-oil fat cats is pretty easy for politicians. The f-bomb can be quite effective– especially when the general public doesn’t understand that oil prices are not set by the oil companies themselves, but rather influenced by complicated reactions to global supply and demand by the Middle Eastern oligopoly OPEC, Wall Street speculators, and of course inflation due to government taxes! Meanwhile, popular and consumer-friendly corporations like Apple and Google get a free pass in the liberal media.

It’s clear that the f-bomb is a cheap political cop-out. Liberals don’t want to have a real discussion on fairness. They are afraid of fundamental tax reform. They don’t want to talk about principles. All they care about is winning elections. And if that can be achieved through class-warfare rhetoric and crony capitalism, then nothing is going to stop them.

So the next time you hear a liberal whining about “fairness,” remember the double standards they impose through crafty rhetoric.

Alan Groves | Freed-Hardeman University | @AlanGroves2