The Keystone XL Pipeline was supposed to be built from oil-rich Alberta, Canada through the shale fields of North Dakota to the refineries in the Gulf Coast, traversing the continent and creating jobs everywhere it passed through.

But the Obama administration blocked it for political reasons.  At first, it was hard to tell if they were doing the bidding of the environmentalist lobby, or if they sincerely believed it was the wrong decision to make.  Well, it’s all settled now.

It was neither.  Instead, it was the President Obama’s contribution to Warren Buffett’s retirement fund.  It turns out that Buffett’s company, Berkshire Hathaway, owns the railway company that ships around 130,000 barrels of oil per day out of North Dakota, according to the AP.

“There is no question that oil by rail or truck is much more dangerous than a pipeline,” said a representative of the Sierra Club.  So why would Obama oppose it, if even far left environmentalists think it’s safer than the current arrangements?  Because, first and foremost, this President wants to run a Command Economy.  He wants to choose winners and losers.  Since the EPA has grown to such monstrous power, the executive branch can rule that section of the economy by decree, once Congress passes them a slush fund to spend as they see fit.  Since the green energy cabal is run by fellow leftists, it just so happens that some of his friends and political allies will stand to gain from all the “Green Energy Stimulus.”  It’s totally not a pattern, guys.

Oh wait. Didn’t that happen with Solyndra, too?  What about when the Obama administration bought up the Chevy Volts?

No, there’s no trend here. I mean, LightSquared certainly didn’t have any Obama… allies… Oh. Hm.

How about BrightSource Energy?  I mean, they could totally get a loan from the government even if Robert Kennedy, Jr.’s investment firm wasn’t the majority stockholder.  It wasn’t like three months before the bailout, BrightSource’s Chairman, John Bryson, was nominated to be Secretary of Commerce.

Oh, sorry, it is true.  BrightSource’s majority stockholder is a Kennedy-run company. Their former Chairman is now the Secretary of Commerce.

Now that we’ve established the Administration’s tendency to throw good money after bad in their longing for control of the economy, let’s transition back to the Keystone Pipeline.  Canada, the origin point for the pipeline, (Full Disclosure: I am Canadian) is one of America’s most stalwart allies, internationally.  Canada also has the third largest proven oil reserves in the world, behind only Saudi Arabia and Venezuela.  Prime Minister Stephen Harper has tried and tried to get the Obama Administration to allow the construction of the pipeline, but has recently begun to signal that Canada won’t wait for the Keystone Pipeline forever.  China, India, and other developing nations desperately need to find a new source of oil, and the Canadian oil sands could be their answer.  The proposed Northern Gateway Pipeline would run from Alberta to the West Coast of British Columbia, around 1/6 the distance of the Keystone Pipeline. It’s easier, but it’s not Harper’s first choice.  His first choice was to offer it to our closest friend, but they turned it down.

So now, we are at a crossroads.

America has finally found a source for all of it’s energy needs for the next 70-100 years, and it’s completely controlled by a friend.  While not true energy independence, as it is still technically foreign oil, America could finally stop sending billions of dollars to countries that hate every ideal that America stands for.  American and Canadian jobs in high-salary industries would last nearly another century, and Iranian control of the Strait of Hormuz would stop being a deathblow to the American economy.

Or, you can reward your political allies, spit in the face of your neighbour and trade partner, turn down thousands of potential jobs, and be constantly under threat of an OPEC shutdown.

President Obama, the choice is yours.  Choose wisely.

Luke Stibbs | University of the Fraser Valley (BC) | @LukeStibbs