If you watch any television at all, you would have realized that the iconic American song from the 70’s has been reintroduced in a number of different Chevy commercials. I love it! “Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie, and Chevrolet” – four entities that just scream American culture. Repeatedly seeing these commercials made me realize a  similarity between a personal experience and America’s love for these four things.

The aforementioned experience was senior year high school playoff baseball. Sure, we’ve been there before. But this was different. This was our last opportunity to leave a mark on our high school baseball career. We were playing with our good buddies for the last time, and emotions were flowing. This year, my team came up short. We lost in the second round to a team that was far inferior to ours. Losing brought both tears and frustration to the graduating seniors, consoled by hugs and the occasional slamming of a bat against the dugout wall.

After recovering, I sat down and simply had a conversation with myself. Why were we so sad? I mean, it’s just a game, right? Sure, for most kids on the team that very well may have been the last real competitive game of baseball they will ever play, but life goes on. Doesn’t it?

But then I realized the truth. Although it may indeed just be a game, it bears a much deeper significance for those who have been playing it their whole lives. It becomes more than just a game; it becomes a lifestyle. We know that lifestyle inside and out; we know what’s best for it; and we absolutely love it. This is why we get so sad. The life that we have loved for so many years now has the potential to disappear as a result of a loss.

While as Americans we may have baseball, hot dogs, apple pies, and Chevrolets, as high school baseball players we have our cleats, bats, a ball, and a glove. The sadness the baseball player feels at the end of his senior season, when it seems that the life he has loved for so many years may be taken away, is identical to the sadness felt by the concerned American in the era of Obama, when said American values have been trampled in light of a new kind of Progressive Era.  In both instances, the way of life that we treasure so deeply, whether it is baseball or freedom, is under attack.

We already know the measures taken by our government to try and keep us skinny, such as the NY proposition to ban salt completely, and the recent attempt by my very own mayor to ban soda. With our government only growing bigger and even more “helpful,” who knows how long it will be before we will no longer be allowed to eat hot dogs and apple pie.

We witnessed the socialization of General Motors, which of course included our beloved Chevrolet. The government now has Chevy by the tail. Although it hasn’t happened recently, let us not forget one of the immediate results of the bailout – those magnificent, basically government-mandated Chevy Volts catching on fire as though they were made to do so.

And then there was one. It seems that out of these four great American entities that our country has loved together for so long, we are left with only baseball. Our beloved pastime is the only one out of the great Chevy song that has remained out of the grasp of an over-reaching government. We need to make sure it stays this way. This is where the line needs to be drawn. It doesn’t matter if you’re in to politics or not, or if you support Obama or not. We need to get this man out of office before he finds a way to socialize everything, even baseball.

Danny Pellegrino | Franklin and Marshall College | @DannPellegrino