Over the past year, Wisconsin union members have consistently requested that we “show [them] what democracy looks like.”

Thanks for asking, protestors.

Tuesday night, the people of Wisconsin showed them exactly what an, ahem, Constitutional Republic looks like. Early election results, which began pouring in minutes after the polls closed at 8:00pm, showed exactly what the people of Wisconsin should have known all along: Governor Scott Walker and his pro-freedom, anti-Big Labor encroachment policies are favorable among the Wisconsin populous. As the night continued, it became immediately clear that Governor Walker and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch would be elected for the second time in their first term, and the night ended with Governor Walker holding a seven point lead over his opponent, Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Wisconsin, whose sign boasts that it is “Open for Business,” has seen key job growth since the enactment of Walker’s Act 10 reforms, with nearly 6,000 jobs created since he took office. His reforms put the power back in the hands of the people, and thousands have already decided to shuck the union superpower. Schools have also begun to feel the freeing effects of the Act 10 legislation, with many schools reducing class sizes and tapping into reserve budgets less than they did in the years before Governor Walker.

His unprecedented success as the first governor to survive a gubernatorial recall is a key victory for conservative leaders nationwide, giving like-minded leaders the strength and encouragement that they need to take on Big Labor- and win. Several states have already begun to follow Governor Walker’s lead by proposing Right to Work policies, and it can only be expected that plenty more will continue to do so in the future. As Charles Krauthammer said on the night of Governor Walker’s victory, “this is the beginning of the decline of the public sector union. Finally a governor said ‘Stop!’ in a state that is so progressive.”

The staff and writers of TheCollegeConservative would like to take a moment to congratulate Governor Walker on his success, and would like to thank him for being a voice for conservative policies in a progressive state. His strength and courage in the face of so much turmoil is a testament to the man of integrity that he is. The many staff and volunteers who supported the Governor throughout the recall process produced a result that sent a resounding message nationwide: Freedom first.

In other news, the zombie apocalypse continues to approach as voter turnout was predicted to be 119% in Milwaukee.