As I walk around the busy campus I call home, I pass many bizarre sights. After all, with 30,000 young people coming together, what else could I expect? However, more bizarre than the “Atheist Agenda” and their exploits and more frustrating than getting cut off on the way to the only remaining parking spot within miles… is the statue that stands tall in the middle of the UTSA courtyard. The pride and joy of some, the statue of an illegal immigrant being carried across the border that is displayed prominently at the University of Texas San Antonio (UTSA) is of huge disgrace and embarrassment to many students who see it everyday. To make matters worse, may I remind you, that UTSA is a publically funded institution… that’s right, owned and operated by taxpayers (and legal citizens) just like you and me. Be mindful though, that as you voyage each day from the science building to the library that you are careful to conceal your disgust because taking the slightest offense to this display might be considered racist by many of your peers.

In fact, according to our president, turning our back on national security, leaving our fragile economy in danger, and leaving our country vulnerable to many other side effects of illegal immigration is now actually, “the right thing to do.” Friday, Obama turned his back on deportation policy by offering asylum to 800,000 illegal immigrants, inching one deadly step closer to the DREAM Act, which offers educational aid and a path toward citizenship to children of illegal immigrants courtesy of the United States Government. As a student who works hard to earn my academic and NCAA Division I athletic scholarships, it honestly hurts a bit to think that our government is ignoring the many young American adults who, based on merit, actually deserve scholarships.

This decision to disregard the voice of legitimate Americans while condoning illegal actions is just another example of the character of our current president, a man who not only acts without the support of Congress, but completely ignores the Constitution. Friday’s policy changes enable those who are currently illegal residents to have a path towards citizenship so that rather than going about matters the right way, the government can put a band-aid on this massive issue and sweep everything under the rug. Truth of the matter is, all such policies leave this nation with is a big mess of unemployment, rising crime, and a culture with little respect toward the law. What the current administration seems to be overlooking here is the difference between legislation that makes a reasonable path to citizenship for people who are able and eager to become Americans and contribute to society versus the amnesty of those who disregard our laws and culture seeking only to enter our land and gain small personal gain but never with the desire to embrace what it means to be American. If the president wishes to create a population of Americans with no heart for this nation, that is just what he will gain from Friday’s policy changes.

I suppose the solution many have come to accept is that if the president says his policy is, “the right thing to do,” we must accept this a truth. We can do this, but it will be our downfall.  It’s time for a new chapter and a generation that stands up in defense of what it means to be an American. Mr. President, on second thought, I think this country will decide in November exactly what “the right thing to do” really is.

Courtney Haass | University of Texas at San Antonio | @CourtneyHaass