The United States is a nation of immigrants. We can easily showcase the lives of many immigrants that made it big here in the States. They moved to the U.S. because of the exceptional economy and political system. They found hope.

I’m an immigrant. I moved to Downers Grove, Illinois in February, 2003, from Buenos Aires, Argentina. My parents were sick and tired of the countless economic crises. They could not trust the stability of the Argentine government for good reason.

Argentina had four presidents in a matter of two weeks. 2002 was the worst year for the Argentine people. Unemployment was higher than 20 percent and people used a system of barter instead of the peso currency. The government froze people’s bank accounts for 90 days and allowed people to only withdraw $500 a month- the equivalent of minimum wage. Suicide rates and heart-related diseases totaled 30,000 people. 50 percent of the population was left in poverty.

That’s why I’m here. My family wanted stability. The U.S. offered a government with consistency and adherence to the law. We knew that the U.S. had a president that served for four years instead of weeks.

Both presidents are very well known for nationalizing private industry. Obama’s move to bail out car companies early in his presidency was the same as Kirchner’s latest move to nationalize 51% of one of Argentina’s most prominent oil companies, YPF. Kirchner also ignored the Argentine congress that prevented the executive government from imposing a tax rate higher than 50% on soybean production, just like Obama ignored the contempt of Attorney General Eric Holder by the countless times of denying “Operation Fast and Furious.” Apparently, Obama knew nothing about “Fast and Furious,” according to White House Press Secretary Jay Argentina. Unfortunately, my dad is more convinced that this country is becoming more like current Argentina; President Kirchner is overreaching and ignoring the constitutional limitations. He believes that Obama is in the same boat as Kirchner. His argument has unfortunately a lot of substance.

Look at Obama’s latest policy stunt. He delivered an executive order to stop deporting any illegal immigrant under the age of 30. He bypassed Congress and made law. Obama violated the Constitution and completely ignored our separation of powers.

As a legal immigrant who recently became a U.S. Citizen in March of 2011, I am repulsed by this. This executive order will only encourage illegal immigration. What’s stopping immigrants under the age of 30 from coming to the U.S. illegally? Why did my brother and I go through a long process to get a green card if we weren’t going to be deported? My family paid a lot of money in lawyer fees in order to stay in this country legally even though there wouldn’t be any consequences anyway.

This executive order is unfair to all of those immigrants who went through a rigorous and costly process. Where is the justice for them? I understand illegal immigration is not as clear cut as people on both the left and right paint it to be. Senator Marco Rubio is right in saying, “That’s the complexity of this issue. Immigration is not a black or white issue. It’s not a yes or no issue…it’s complicated.” But we need to make it clear that there is a federal policy to deal with illegal immigration. The U.S. Supreme Court recently delivered a 5-3 decision Arizona v. United States which reaffirmed that the federal government has “broad, undoubted power over the subject of immigration and the status of aliens.” We need that kind of policy. We need a standard for illegal immigrants.

It’s understandably tough to deport people who have been here in the States for many years. They came here to find hope like my family. That’s definitely reasonable. However, the president and Congress should sit down and pass a comprehensive bill that solves the issue instead of prolonging it. Obama’s executive order deteriorates the situation.  We need leadership in dealing with immigration like we do in tax reform, debt, energy, and healthcare. We need to pass laws instead of having a president who feels entitled in doing whatever he wants. Mr. President, you taught constitutional law, you know very well that the U.S. Constitution exists for a reason.

This country needs to pass an immigration reform that secures our borders. We also need to deport everyone who has a criminal record right away. Many of the illegal immigrants that cross our borders have a criminal background. According to Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano, “Almost half of the 400,000 people we deported last year had a criminal record of some sort.” We also have to establish an age limit to illegal immigration. Children from illegal immigrants have no fault in having an illegal status. But people who are of the age of 30 are not children anymore. President Obama’s executive order is practically a form of amnesty.

Our government has dodged illegal immigration by enacting amnesty seven times since Reagan in 1986. It’s time to fix this problem. Obama’s executive order is a gimmick in order to get reelected. In fact, Obama’s approval rating with Hispanics jumped by five percent since the executive order was enacted. Hispanics are a key voting block. We shouldn’t address issues based on politics. Let’s solve issues for the better of this country. Let’s address issues and restore that hope that immigrants find “worth it.”

Alex Uzarowicz : Knox College : @AUzarowicz