A couple weeks ago, we witnessed yet another classic example of the mainstream media’s misinterpretation of the English language, and the American people’s lack of proactivity and responsibility.

 Towards the beginning of June, Glenn Beck spoke at the Faith and Freedom Conference in Washington, D.C., reminding Americans of the nation that once existed – one of opportunity, freedom, and Christian morality. Beck presented a variety of original historical documents that contain ideas that have determined the course of American history, such as an original copy of Thomas Paine’s Common Sense. Beck emphasized the impact that spiritual awareness and virtuous living had on America’s founding and growth, and the extent of its essentiality to the decision-making process of our leaders. However, he asserts that the duty to redirect America lies with the American people:

 “If we’re not looking to God, we’ll never make it… there is no such thing as collective salvation; it’s the way we live our life that makes the difference. If we are collectively good, we will be collectively great.”

Our culture guides our lifestyles heavily; what we watch, read, and hear determines our actions and focus, and ultimately, the state of the nation as a whole. Beck recounts watching the hit television show, Glee, with his wife and says:

 “[some of the things they are teaching] are horrifying, but it’s brilliantly done… I said to her at the end of it: ‘we lose.’ There is no way to beat that.”

Beck then proceeds to announce his plans to “push back” by producing high quality, modern art that leaves out the sexually suggestive and exploitive themes of popular culture and opts for truly inspirational content. However, of course, this two minute portion of Beck’s speech makes headlines of news sources such as Billboard, Daily Mail, and NYDailyNews for revealing his “secret plan to destroy Glee,” which Beck never said or alluded to during his speech, a shining example of the media’s judgment of what is newsworthy information. I am shocked that this is the portion of his speech they choose to showcase and parade around like some sort of new awareness campaign. I can see the protest signs now: “Vote Glee 2012! Rescue Glee from Glenn Beck!”  

People really do have selective hearing. Where is the coverage on the rare historical documents presented in Beck’s speech? The fact that those artifacts still exist in readable condition is a lengthy news story in itself.  Where is the coverage on the Beck’s overall message of unity and love among the American people? Instead, the media’s priorities lie with the current popular culture.

More telling than the media’s coverage of Beck’s speech is the comments below the Glee article on Billboard.  People are outraged about Beck’s take on the television show, and these comments completely prove his point.

For example:

 “Glee helps people to face reality. It helps people feel more comfortable in their own skin and feel safe with everything going on in their life. It shows the ups and downs of being a certain way and how to deal with what makes them different. Some people suffer greatly from things like bullying etc. Glee has saved so many lives and saying the show shouldn’t be on TV is frankly quite pathetic…”

Comments like this litter the webpage with excuses for living a ‘modern’ lifestyle, profanity, and obscene personal attacks on Beck and his family. Another commenter says that the show “simply highlights the entity of this world.” As a college student, I realize the lifestyles represented on Glee are normal. I agree with this comment, and I am sorry to say that it is mostly my generation that promotes and totes their sexuality, profanity, and irresponsibility everywhere, as if they can’t help it. For a nation so driven by individuality and choice, you would think that self-control would be a virtue—it’s not. I refuse to let the lines between good and evil blur, not because of the way that I tell others to live their lives, but because of the way I choose to live mine.

One commenter refers to Glee as a television show of “love and acceptance.” Clearly, the American people have lost sight of authentic love and acceptance.

Sydney Phillips | @SydPhillips