What is the point of that new show called The Virgin Diaries?  Why is its brain-cell-killing content featured on a network named The Learning Channel?  And how can reality television promote a counter-reality agenda and get away with it?

The answer to all of these questions is the liberal media and its flower-flinging, tralala-singing stealth attempt at indoctrinating Americans.  Much like the unctuous skunk, Pepe le Pew, who painted his white stripe black to win the love of a pussycat,  liberals in media masquerade their partisanship with a veneer of neutrality yet cannot escape the stench that emanates.  Then again, self-delusion has become the operating premise of modern sexual ethics.

The Virgin Diaries is cringe-inducing, maddening, and revolting.  And that’s just how TLC would like to have you think about anyone who saves their virginity until marriage.  On its premiere episode, a cast of real-life caricatures were selected to represent virginity in modern life to all of America and the picture was not flattering.  To liberals, all sexual choices are valid ones, and at best, virginity is just another alternative lifestyle that is not inherently better than swinging.  At worst, virginity is not a choice at all, but a punishment to endure for being undesirable and socially awkward in the extreme.

For instance, there was a nice Mormon named Skippy, a man in his mid-thirties who lived in his mom’s basement.  Girls cause a tail wagging excitement to surge through his body, like a puppy dog.  Did I mention that he has been collecting his belly button lint since age eight?  Besides that, he gives his number out to girls on customized Skippy stickers, and gives out ‘I Kissed Skippy’ t-shirts to induce lip-smacking fun from the fairer sex.  At a party, he proudly proclaims that what the others guys have in the looks category, he has multiplied by ten in the personality department.  Shudder.  Then he introduces the party-goers to his mother!   Tremble!

Then there was Shanna and Ryan, a couple who share their first kiss on their wedding day and, at first chance, attempt to recreate the passionate intensity of the Thorn Birds but only end up looking like a freak show.  One who does not enjoy vomiting would be challenged not to look away.  And if you do, ick.

One girl with tattoos gives up her V-card without the benefit of marriage and then doesn’t enjoy it.  One thirty-plus year old woman dangles her virginity like a ball of yarn to her sex-kitten boyfriend to get him to overcome his fear of commitment and marry her.  Their entire relationship seems to be based on a foundation of his anticipation for what remains out of his reach.  It insinuates that if you are a virgin, you are fundamentally exploring the kinkiest sexual fetish around.  He ends up looking like the ravenous initiate, and she the dark teacher in sexual hunger games.

I was upset by this show because I am a virgin and thought it would be interesting to encounter others who were like myself.  I am definitely not the type of guy that TLC would want to feature, as I am virgin by choice rather than an unwilling victim of circumstances. I think through my choices, instead of resorting to the age old trick of contriving justifications so that I can soothe my every whim.  Whereas modern culture naively holds fast to the platitude that people can have casual sex in college, serially monogamous commitment sex in graduate school, followed by traditional marriage, I see this as a sure-fire plan where a sexual past of trivial fun will result in disentangling the act from the mystery, sacredness, and meaning that should be in the marital relationship.  I think sex has emotional, physiological, and spiritual implications that are incompatible with promiscuity.  But ultimately, I make all my sexual choices based on one consideration: will having sex now help or hurt my future marriage?  Pre-marital sex, no matter how seemingly committed the relationship in which it takes place, could easily become tantamount to pre-marital adultery if I share myself that deeply with someone who is not my future spouse.  I think this value system has always been insisted upon by traditional morality.  Consequently, the left wing media knows little to nothing about it, subjugating research and inquiry to the immediate gratification of sexual urges.

I think most other people who share my commitment are staying true to their convictions, rather than advocating a fetishistic sexual proclivity.  By and large, we are normal, well-adjusted, and lead happier marriages and lives by embracing emotionally healthy choices.   TLC’s assertions to the contrary are offensive and reinforce negative liberal stereotypes about sexuality.

The worst thing about Virgin Diaries is that it falls on the wrong side of the liberal selective application of tolerance for diversity.  In another show, called All-American Muslim — also on TLC — modernized devout Muslims were depicted in a favorable light for not extending a handshake.  In hindsight, I feel pretty confident that if TLC ever happened to show the struggles of Traditional Jews, their analogous customs would be placed under the double standards that are always imposed on the Judeo-Christian tradition.  For instance, several years ago in the New York Times, a Hasidic man was villainized as Chauvinistic for not shaking a woman’s hand in a business meeting.  The outcry would have been reasonable (not really) had it not been for the complete reversal of the liberal position on Muslims, whereby such antiquated sexist superstitions magically transform into beautiful and exotic cultural expressions worthy of admiration.

Aaron Lasker | University of Pennsylvania | @GOPopinjay