Republicans hate people. They want to your grandma’s healthcare away, leave the poor hungry and homeless, and privatize social security. Basically, Republicans want to get rid of any kind of safety net. This is all true — if you were to only talk to your liberal friends.

I would argue that the Republican Party is trying to do the exact opposite. As a conservative, I find it completely offensive to be caricatured as foe of the old and poor. Conservatives like Congressman Paul Ryan have a plan to help save the entitlements.

Let’s set the record straight. If you think that status-quo is best when it comes to our entitlement spending like a lot in the Democratic Party and the Republican Party believe then you haven’t read the recent reports from the Congressional Budget Office and or the State Budget Crisis Task Force which concludes that Medicaid spending, federal deficit reduction, and underfunded retirement promises are pivotal financial threats to any state. If we keep spending the way we are spending, our entitlements will consume the federal budget as a whole.

CBO believes that our budget needs to adopt two approaches. An efficient budget needs to raise revenue and cut spending. Liberals will let you believe that Ryan’s budget only cuts federal spending. The problem with that assertion is that it’s misleading. According to CBO’s analysis, Ryan’s budget will double federal revenues over a 10 year period from $2.44 trillion to $4.601 trillion by 2022. Ryan’s proposal also seeks budget reform to enforce spending limits on Congress. The budget also provides the elderly with $11,000 to purchase their own Medicare certified plan. There are many more provisions which are spelled out in Congressman Paul Ryan’s website.

Presumed President Republican Candidate Mitt Romney endorses Congressman Ryan’s budget. There are many good reasons to support Ryan’s budget. Setting the provisions above aside, his budget will increase the national debt by $3.3 trillion less than President Obama’s unpopular budget which adds $6.7 trillion to the national debt over the next 10 years.

Obama’s budget was so unpopular that all the Senate Democrats voted against his own budget. Senate Republicans have proposed many budgets similar to Ryan’s but the only thing that Senate Democrats do is shoot them down. The U.S. Senate hasn’t passed a budget in three years. The problem here is not the “draconian” cuts that Republicans propose but the lack of ideas offered from the other side. At least Republicans proposed a budget. Put up or shut up.

Even when Democrats propose a plan, they reject it. The most embarrassing move from the president was rejecting his own Simpson-Bowles Commission proposal. Simpson-Bowles was a good budget plan which even conservative Senator Tom Coburn supported. This plan had many conservative fixes such as lowering the corporate tax rate to 28%, limit spending to 2008 levels, cutting the white house and congressional staff by 15%, freeze congressional pay for three years, and increase the retirement age. This budget also addresses entitlement spending like Ryan’s which would limit the growth of Medicare and Medicaid, and increase the payroll tax. However, Simpson-Bowles is not on the table.

It’s either the Democrats’ unknown budget or Romney’s existent plan. This country needs to control and drastically cut spending-everything must be on the table. Romney’s vision gets this country closer to where we need to be. It’s easy to criticize Romney but where else will this country go? Does Obama have a vision? Last time I checked, our president spent most of his campaign events speaking out against the Bush Tax cuts which he extended.

But one thing that I don’t get from our president is his lack of plans to cut federal spending. He is more than willing to pit the rich against the poor. How about spending? Why do people need to sacrifice their own wealth to pay for the government’s lack of fiscal responsibility? Are the rich to blame for the failed stimulus that was passed? For the additional spending in healthcare under Obamacare?

This isn’t about ideology. Everyone from both sides of the aisle wants to improve the economic situation. Democrat and Republican, liberal and conservative, no matter what, we are Americans and we care about the poor and old. A Democratic ad dramatized Congressman Ryan wheeling a grandma off a cliff.  No one wants to kill the elderly. Let’s express our concern for the poor and senior citizens by coming up with more productive ideas instead of using demagoguery to divide one against the other.

Our plan should include a manufacturing based program. We’ve gone from producing the best to consuming the best. This country must reform regulations and attract corporations like many states around the country are doing. Take Alabama, for example. Mercedes-Benz is expanding their Vance plant by bringing 4,200 new jobs. Alabama has lower taxes, is a right-to-work state, and cuts spending. That’s the kind of reform we need around the country. We need a budget that addresses those issues. Instead of levying new regulations, lower them, simplify the tax code, and lower spending all across the board.

People don’t care about the gimmicks and political points. We must have a solvent safety net for those who truly need it and take the debt burden off from our next generations.

So far, Romney/Ryan 1 and President Obama 0.

Alex Uzarowicz | Knox College | @AUzarowicz