In the Pixar movie, Up, the character “Dug,” a dog with a short attention span, becomes famous for randomly shouting “Squirrel!” and while completely ignoring the people/facts right in front of his face. That’s how I see the mainstream media. Every time they catch a whiff of a story that could potentially portray conservatives in a negative light, they go after it like a dog chases after a squirrel. However, when stories that could potentially devastate their liberal media darlings surface, they look the other way and busy themselves trying to chase a story that fits their agenda. Need further proof? There’s certainly a lot of it, but I’ll stick with 3 examples:

1.) The Ann Romney/Michelle Obama Fashion Debacle

In May, liberal media outlets like MSNBC trashed Ann Romney for wearing a $990 shirt. They portrayed the potential First Lady as “out of touch” because she has the “audacity” to wear such an expensive shirt while many Americans suffer in this damaged economy. However, the mainstream media magically forgot this claim over the weekend when they praised Michelle Obama’s style, including a $6,800 jacket, at an Olympics reception in Great Britain. In the words of our President, let me be clear: As long as the First Lady paid for that ensemble out of her own pocket, I could not care less about what she chooses to wear. However, the media response highlights classic liberal hypocrisy. Ann Romney is an elitist, out of touch rich woman while Michelle Obama can wear an outfit that costs more than I make in a year and she’s still “one of the people.”

2.) Who let the dogs out?

Mitt Romney has long been criticized for his “Dog on the Roof” incident in 1983 when he safely strapped the family dog’s carrier to the roof of his car. The dog remained unscathed and probably even enjoyed the wind in his fur. However, you would think that he had eaten his dog based on the harsh criticism he received from media outlets and animal rights groups like PETA. However, PETA gave President Obama a pass when it was revealed that he ACTUALLY ate a dog. For the purposes of full disclosure, they did criticize Obama’s stepfather for feeding him the dog meat, but as usual, the left’s messiah remained unscathed.

3.) Overseas Jobs

A recent ad from the Obama campaign highlights Romney’s supposed record of shipping jobs overseas. Note that Politifact declared this to be only half-true. In their defense, MSNBC did report this finding. However, while the media and Obama campaign chase after Romney’s record, few seem to care that Obama himself has a record of shipping jobs overseas. The $787 billion stimulus package gave billions of dollars to either foreign companies or domestic companies that built factories overseas. Note: That’s taxpayer money. I’m pretty sure we should be more outraged at what our president does with our money instead of freaking out over what a private citizen, Mitt Romney, did with his private business.

These three examples are merely the tip of the iceberg. Hypocrisy is becoming the new foundation of the progressive philosophy. They get riled up when conservatives do something they don’t like, but turn a blind eye to the actions of their own pet politicians. You cannot hold politicians of different parties to separate standards. However, this is sadly all too common in the mainstream media today. Unbiased reporting is a thing of the past. Thus, it is important to take all news reports with a grain of salt. Don’t get caught up in the fervor of anti-conservative, anti-Romney, etc. sentiment while ignoring the actions of your own politicians. Instead of acting like “Dug,” whose focus is quickly diverted when he sees something he likes, the mainstream media needs to focus on all stories equally. Personal feelings and political sentiment should be reserved for the editorial pages, not front page stories.

Amy Lutz | Saint Louis University | @AmyLutz4