“The following pages are meant to be a restoration of old principles, not new, and a renewal of time-tested truths that are indeed self-evident. These principles are the key, not only in the casting of one’s first vote, but to the future of our nation. The problems of the 21st century will not be solved by politics or by new “progressive” ideas. They will be solved by an innovative, creative generation of Millennials who have reconnected with the history of their nation’s founding, the moral foundations of civil society, and the importance of individual liberty. The moral and economic prosperity of America will only be restored by these ideals, these first principles…”

The passage above is an excerpt from my newly released book, First Principles for my First Election -A Millennial’s Manifesto. This book is an articulation of the principles which I believe are crucial for my generation to understand if the Republic is to be preserved. Preserved from what, you ask?

Millennials have fallen prey to a public education system which is plauged by intellectual and moral conformity. We are of a society which has no respect for law, order or authority. We have deserted the morality and personal piety held by our ancestors in favor of a lifestyle of self-gratification and lawless behavior. We are dead inside — intellectually and spiritually dead.

The purpose of this book, in concordance with the values of TheCollegeConservative, is to reignite the passion of the younger generation to stand up for ordered liberty and to be engaged with their fellow patriots in the counter-culture movement to take back America. It is a call for my generation to wake up. If we are to defeat President Obama in November, we first must liberate our minds from a society and culture that craves uniformity and hates diversity of thought; we must have the moral imagination to articulate the indispensable value of faith in our community; and we must educate ourselves in the  way of liberty. Finally, we must throw off the yoke of ignorance and childish naiveté in order to become fully engaged citizens. We must be inspired to VOTE.

Whether this is your first election or twentieth election, please consider purchasing this book. Consider to yourself, What am I doing to educate myself? What am I doing to edify the understanding of ordered liberty in my friends and family? What am I doing to ensure the preservation of my country? Support me and TheCollegeConservative by buying this book and sharing it with the world.

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Alan Groves | Freed-Hardeman University | @AlanGroves2