One of the most sensitive issues in 2012’s campaign will be the topic of Medicare and its future. Both sides will need to make their case to current and soon to be seniors in order to win this election. There is no question that the Democrats will try to paint Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan as an enemy of seniors; they will demonize his plan to revamp Medicare and attempt to frighten retirees with tales of Grandma eating dog food. Ryan will also be lambasted by the left wing media for threatening to “end Medicare as we know it.” Debunking these liberal myths will be vital to the success of the Romney-Ryan ticket. They will need to articulate to the American people that the Ryan plan does not threaten current and soon to be seniors. They will also need to make the electorate aware that it is actually ObamaCare that threatens seniors, with $716 billion cut from Medicare spending in the healthcare law. If they are unsuccessful in shedding light on Obama’s threat to seniors, they will lose this contest.

Liberal PACs all over the country are using the false claim that Congressional Republicans want to “end Medicare.” These are disgusting scare tactics and lack credible substance. The Ryan plan will not have any effect on anyone older than 55. His call for semi-privatization of Medicare will not be enacted until 2022, when the first of the 55 and younger demographic turns 65. This will change Medicare by putting more power in the hands of the beneficiaries rather than the government. However, Democratic Campaigns are portraying this proposal as a deletion of Medicare. The non-partisan political truth seeking organization even debunked the “end Medicare” claim. Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan need to shed light on the Obama Campaign’s Medicare lies, and turn the conversation over to the real threat to Medicare: ObamaCare.

Much more troublesome to Senior Citizens is ObamaCare. This government seizure of healthcare raids $716 billion from Medicare. This will certainly be reflected in the healthcare market. Subsidies to doctors will be diminished, and subsequently, so will the number of patients they will accept. Seniors who contributed their whole life to a healthcare plan that is specifically designed for them will now see their dollars go to a massive government bureaucracy. This “one size fits all” program certainly doesn’t fit very well, especially for America’s seniors. We can see a sneak peak of what ObamaCare will have in store for seniors simply by looking at England’s National Healthcare System. Thousands of ill seniors die or are euthanized prematurely in the country’s hospitals in order to free up beds and ease management. While Democrats claim that the Ryan plan jeopardizes Medicare, they don’t want you to know what their own plan does to the program.

The truth about Medicare will be distorted by the Democrats until the night of November 6th. If Romney and Ryan can combat these falsehoods and expose Obama’s threat to Medicare, they will win this election. Swing states like Florida, Pennsylvania, and Iowa all have larger senior populations. These states are crucial to the vote count, and the winner will need the vote of each state’s seniors in order to carry the election. If the truth prevails in this campaign, so will the Romney-Ryan ticket.

Colin Snell | Burlington College | @SnellColin