A slogan says a lot about the entity for which it is representing. Corporations, restaurants, and all sorts of events invest much time and money into formulating a slogan that will correctly portray their ideas and hopes to the consumer. Depending on how clever (or unclever) a specific slogan is, it can make or break the group that’s putting it out to the world. While watching the recent Democratic National Convention, I was able to hold in my laughter/anger for long enough to notice the slogan located on top of center stage:

“Americans coming together”

It sounds sweet. It sounds innocent, too. How could we possibly go wrong if we are all holding hands and working together?

Before diving in to the collectivist nature of the slogan (and this year’s DNC as a whole), let’s look back at some of the most recent accounts of collectivist rhetoric that have come from, not only President Obama, but the left as a whole.

Look back at the tragic Sikh temple shooting that occurred over the summer, then notice how President Obama responded. As Robert Stephenson III explained, our president decided that because of the horrific actions of a single nut job, every American was responsible and, in turn, must do some “soul searching.” Personal and individual responsibility does not seem to be relevant to our president in this circumstance. We are all at fault.

Eerily similar to Obama’s “You didn’t build that” speech, Elizabeth Warren provides another great example through her collectivist rhetoric:

“I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever. No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody.”

While Obama exposes his idea that everyone is responsible for a single person’s misdoings, Warren explains how the same principle applies to a single person’s success. No one person can claim success for his or her actions because, naturally, no one has done anything on their own. It sickens me to think that anyone who knows the history of our country can actually believe these myths.

To open the festivities, the Democrats decided to run this lovely clip. “Government is the only thing we all belong to.” Need I say more? No government, especially in our country, has any type of ownership over the citizen. We belong to our families, our churches, or anything else that we chose to be associated with. Whatever idea that statement was trying to portray is irrelevant. The Democrats proved, through such a short and simple statement, that all American citizens are seen as nothing more than a leaf on the branch of our lovely government. Individualism does not matter to them, for it may distract us from our duty to the government.

The aforementioned DNC slogan perfectly encompasses this collectivist ideology that has overtaken the entire political left. In the leftist mind, everything done by the individual should bear in mind the greater good of the nation as a whole. Unfortunately for liberals, this is not what our county was built on at all. While we all may love our country, America was built on individualism and the fact that our ambition will counteract the ambition of others, resulting in success for all. “Americans coming together” has to be the scariest political slogan I have ever seen– not because of the actual words, but because of their connotation. However, it does embrace Socialist goals, so I guess it’s a damn good slogan.

Daniel Pellegrino | Franklin and Marshall College | @dannpellegrino