America is less than eight weeks away from the most important election in its history. It will be the most important election of your lifetime. The choice couldn’t be clearer and your future is on the ballot. The stakes are as high as they have ever been. The vision of the two candidates couldn’t be more different. And the choice of passing along a diminished future with the reelection of Obama is at stake.

President Obama hasn’t just failed to fulfill all of his fake promises of hope and change. On every single major issue, people are truly worse off today than before the election. Your job prospects have dwindled. The cost of college and health care has sky rocketed. A historic number of young Americans are living at home after graduating college. More student debt has continued to accumulate. And a greater number of us are unemployed and underemployed than when Obama took office.

In 2008, young Americans strongly supported the President. Obama won the youth vote– 61% to 32% over McCain. He won many of your votes based on pure emotion and deception. He was able to hide his true intentions and leftist policies through his cool rhetoric and speeches. Yet hanging out with Hollywood stars doesn’t bring about prosperity, reduce poverty, create jobs and provide more opportunities for you to be successful. We are living with the consequences of an Obama presidency, only to see things go from bad to worse.

After more than three years, he simply has no record to run on and no real achievements to tout. He has let you down. He has left you behind. And he is forcing upon all of us an America we do not recognize, one that is dramatically reducing our freedoms, growing the size of government and spending its way into oblivion.

According to the latest Gallup poll, about 78% of young Americans said in October 2008 they were going to vote in the election. Now, that number is down to 58%. Instead of inspiring you to be involved and providing more opportunities for you to be successful, he has discouraged you as hope has been replaced with doubt and despair.

Thankfully, young Americans are beginning to recognize Obama has failed. The Wall Street Journal reported something incredibly significant:

“Mr. Obama’s lead over Mr. Romney in the latest JZ Analytics poll among voters ages 18-29 is 49% to 41%. If young voters turn out this fall in the same numbers as in 2008 and give Mr. Obama this eight-point margin, it will take 2.8 million votes from Mr. Obama’s total and add more than 3.3 million to Mr. Romney’s tally.”

This is a huge swing yet it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

More than 13% of young Americans are unemployed today, higher than the national unemployment rate that has been stuck at 8% for 43 straight months. For 18-19 year olds, the unemployment rate stands at an abysmal 20%. The economy has been growing at a pathetic pace of around 1.5-2%, marking the weakest recovery in American history. Student loan debt has reached an all time high of $1 trillion and that excludes the historic national debt that just surpassed $16 trillion. According to an Associated Press report from April 23, 2012, “53.6% of bachelor’s degree-holders under the age of 25 last year were jobless or underemployed.”

The question you should ask yourself is whether this was the result you were voting for? Has he brightened America’s future and made the lives of our generation better or worse?

Throughout the next two months, Obama will give excuse after excuse. He will blame everyone and anything, taking no responsibility for his failures. Young Americans cannot be fooled twice. It is time for us to rise up and fight for a better future. It is time for young Americans to rally behind Romney-Ryan.

David Milstein | Dickenson College | @davidamilstein