This election cycle Hollywood’s “A-list” celebrities seem to be everywhere. Whether they are hosting another Obama fundraiser, making an indecent proposal, or sexually harassing Mrs. Ryan, the movie stars are out politicking. The Republicans have also found a slice of that Hollywood glory, albeit with more class, and little less harassment. However, now that one of their own is being mercilessly prosecuted for committing a crime that offends a religion thats not Christianity, Hollywood is unusually quiet.

Personally, I feel sympathy with the filmmaker who set out to make the now infamous film, “The Innocence of Muslims” because he is now faced with the guilt of being blamed as the cause of the ruthless rape, torture, and murder of four Americans, including the ambassador. As the federal government continues to ignore the warning signs that this attack was a planned, meticulously executed attack in commemoration of September 11th, and refuses to admit to its mistakes, this filmmaker has caught all the blame.

There is much more reason to blame the administration and their failure to adequately protect the embassy than prosecute a man who chose to criticize a religion that wasn’t already targeted by Hollywood filmmakers (i.e. Christianity). For one, the embassy was not guarded by Marines. But who would think that an American consulate could be attacked on a day of mourning for America, a day symbolic of Al-Qaeda and their anti-American sentiment. More so, just one day prior to the attack, Al-Qaeda officials called for revenge against Americans for killing a high-ranking officer. And yet nothing was done to protect the consulate?

Furthermore, as more news is released the attack becomes more and more representative of a planned and coordinated terrorist attack on the American embassy. Senators McCain, Lieberman, and Rogers, to name a few, all spoke out against the administrations’ false blame. Rogers told Fox News last Friday, the attack “seemed too organized, too well-structured.” He further expounded saying that he became suspect “when we conveniently sweep it by– saying, ‘Oh it was spontaneous, next question…’”

It is no question Hollywood has become a powerful force in American politics. Look at the reception Clint Eastwood received after his speech at the Republican National Convention. Fellow actors came out to tear apart a man who had built a stable, popular career- a career most of them achieve only in their dreams. Likewise, when rapper Nicki Minaj released a song in which she supposedly endorsed Governor Romney, fans and fellow entertainers alike criticized the singer claiming they were done with her, her music, and alter-ego personality, if she was a Republican. A few days later, Minaj tweeted that of course she supported President Obama, her song was only a critique of the misplaced attitudes of conservatives. Could we blame Minaj for retracting her statement? Hollywood has shown itself capable of raising a fuss and driving away those who disagree with them.

So why is it that as one of their colleagues is persecuted, Hollywood has remained silent. As more and more journalists question this enigma it should only seem fitting that Hollywood stays away from the mess created. Hollywood supports President Obama and would never take a stand which offends or disagrees with their Socialist savior.