After video broke this week of President Obama saying he believes in wealth redistribution, conservatives can say with assurance that if McCain had run a strong campaign, he would have beaten President Obama.

For the first time, I am willing to say that McCain should have won. I’m not a fan of Senator McCain’s policies, but in my opinion, he was a better choice than the former Senator Obama. And yet, he ws beaten, and beaten badly. For years, I have said that there was nothing he could do; Obama was so popular. The economic collapse hit at the perfect time for Democrats to demagogue it. McCain wasn’t the strongest candidate. All three of those statements are still true, but we have new information.

President Obama said in 1998, quote, “I actually believe in redistribution.” You’re telling me a full campaign staff, paid to dig into Barack Obama’s history, didn’t find that? How is that possible?

After this video clip broke, we have proof. The McCain campaign was extraordinarily sloppy, and by doing such a poor internal job of vetting President Obama, they handed him the election. “Hope and Change” won’t win you an election when there are ads about how you say you want to redistribute the wealth. A campaign can explain away one occurrence. It’s just a slip of the tongue, a simple gaffe, a tiny mistake, a misunderstanding that only an evil racist would believe.

But that only works on one clip. If you had two clips that spanned 10 years with the same message, that excuse no longer flies.

Can you imagine the impact of the Joe the Plumber clip played back to back with “I actually believe in redistribution?”

Now add in President Obama’s proven New Party Membership in Chicago. And the proof that he lied about it.

So, a Candidate who was the son of a communist, mentored by a communist, joined a socialist party in the mid 90s, who said in the 1998 he believed in redistribution, became elected to the Senate and had the most progressive voting record in the building (surpassing Bernie Sanders, the socialist), and admitted on the campaign trail that he thinks that “when you spread the wealth around it’s good for everybody.” This guy wins in America?

I can see him surprising the Clinton machine. They didn’t think it would be a fight, and they lost because of overconfidence to a young, exuberant campaign. However, McCain doesn’t have that excuse. The only excuse available is that Obama’s just very good at hiding his agenda, now that he knows he is being scrutinized. In his books, in his past, and in the slips he makes when he speaks without prepared statements or a Teleprompter, we can see his ideology. You can hear the passion is his voice when he talks about single-payer health care to the AFL-CIO. You can see it when he says that his grandmother was a “typical white person.” He is soaked in leftist ideology.

The McCain campaign’s failure to properly vet their raw and untested opponent led to the Obama Presidency. Even in 2008, he was beatable. His past made him vulnerable, but we had no idea how radical his past really was; no one really looked. Although you can say the media is culpable for failing to do their jobs, it is the duty of the opposition to find the skeletons in every candidate’s closet, and the McCain campaign simply failed. And now the media and Republican establishment want the Romney campaign to take Steve Schmidt’s advice?

Nice try, I think he’ll pass.

Luke Stibbs | The University of the Fraser Valley (British Columbia) | @LukeStibbs