President Obama must be a terrible poker player, because he refuses to call a spade a spade. He doesn’t even consider the attack on our embassy in Libya to be a terrorist attack. Was it just a coincidence that four American diplomats were killed by Islamic radicals on the anniversary of 9/11? How about the fact that a former Guantanamo Bay detainee was a catalyst for the violent assault? More reports even show that Al Qaeda was involved. However, this President still does not have the gumption to lay a fist down and call this an act of terrorism! This supposedly “transparent” administration has been nothing but unclear, lackadaisical, and timid regarding foreign policy. They hide behind the veil of political correctness, apologizing and repenting for Americans’ critical views of Islam.

We need a leader in the White House who will be clear and concise; articulating American principles and giving the free world a beacon of light, an example of truth amidst evil all over the world. America is supposed to be the world’s leader, offering a bold vision for the rest of the world’s powers to follow. It is definitely time for a change from this apologetic President who is worried more about being politically correct than truthful.

At least White House Press Secretary Jay Carney stated the President believes the attacks on the embassy were terrorism, but Obama still has not declared that for himself. September 20th was the first day since the attacks that someone from the administration has rendered them acts of terrorism. It took them over a week to reach that conclusion. The United States Embassy was attacked, and a United States Ambassador was assassinated. That sounds like a definite act of terrorism to me, but the Obama administration drags its feet, and is seemingly reluctant to announce it as terrorism. I for one know that had George W. Bush been president, he would have been calling it an obvious terrorist attack the next morning, and he wouldn’t have continued to a fund raising dinner in Las Vegas that evening!

Intelligence sources have reported that Al Qaeda member Sufyan Ben Qumu was part of the violent attacks on the American embassy in Libya. He was released from Guantanamo Bay in 2007 and turned over to Libya. In an effort to appease radical Muslims, the Gaddafi regime released him in 2008. He returned to Al Queda and is now suspected of being a direct catalyst in the Benghazi attacks. This should throw up multiple red flags for the administration. What more proof do they need? Al Queda was behind this.

When will the administration stop apologizing for the Anti-Islam video, and start putting pressure on Radical Muslims? There is no doubt that the video was certainly a stupid and offensive gesture, but there is no excuse for the violent backlash that it supposedly incited. After the grisly acts that have occurred in Libya and around the Middle East, there is no reason for the President to apologize. If President Obama can’t stand up for the country he’s supposed to defend, then he sends a negative message to the rest of the free world, and the world’s view of America will continue to slip.

Colin Snell | Burlington College | @SnellColin