All corrupt billionaires who gamble on currency values and profit from financial crisis are conservatives, right? Any businessman who calls the unseating of an incumbent president the “central focus in his life” is a right wing hack, correct?


Contrary to what the media would like you to believe, the multi-billionaire who manipulates global markets and elections is a liberal. In fact, he is a self proclaimed Anti-American and Anti-Capitalist. George Soros. “The man who broke the bank of England” has just donated a $1 million dollar check for President Obama’s reelection campaign, and $500,000 dollars to a Super PAC for Congressional Democrats. I thought the Democratic Party hated Super PACs? As long as liberal celebrities and activists are donating millions of dollars, then it’s ok.

George Soros is a Hungarian born Jew who avoided persecution during the Holocaust by posing as the godson of a Nazi official. During the Nazi occupation of Hungary in 1944, the 14 year old Soros went around with his “godfather” confiscating property from persecuted Jews. In a 60 Minutes interview, he admitted that he feels no guilt over his connection to the Nazis , and in his book Soros on Soros, he cited 1944 as the “happiest year of his life.” He has been a lifelong critic of United States Foreign Policy, and cites both the United States and Israel for the “resurgence of Anti-Semitism” in Europe.

While Mr. Soros has made his life fortune off free market capitalism (mostly in the United States, having moved to Wall Street in 1956), he is a staunch critic of capitalism and an avid supporter of a “new world order.” Here is Soros in his own words:

“The main obstacle to a stable and just world order is the United States.” (from his book, The Age of Fallibility: Consequences of the War on Terror)

Soros on American values in his book Open Society: Reforming Global Capitalism:

“It may be shocking to say, but I believe that the current unilateralist posture of the United States constitutes a serious threat to the peace and prosperity of the world.”

Mr. Soros also sees Capitalism as a dangerous threat to the world. In his work The Capitalist Threat, he proclaimed:

“The main enemy of the open society, I believe, is no longer the communist, but the capitalist threat.”

What a surprise; a “global citizen” and opponent of capitalism is an Obama supporter. This is a man who has dedicated his life to bringing Western free markets to there knees, and envisions a world where the United States is significantly weaker. Soros’s made $1 billion dollars by betting on the devaluing of the British Pound in 1992, and now with a campaign contribution to Barack Obama in 2012, he is betting (and seeks to profit from) the devaluing of the United States. It’s ironic that he is such a sworn enemy of capitalism, because for almost 60 years, it has been his livelihood. How come he hasn’t been victimized by the Obama administration for his vulture capitalism and shady business deals? This is a man who made over a billion dollars betting on inflation and “breaking” The Bank of England!

In 2009, he even said he was “having a good crisis” and profiting from the global meltdown! I guess you are immune to being a Wall Street crook if you are an Obama donor. The President, if he had America’s best interest in mind, would return Mr. Soros hefty donation. Why should a man who desires the evaporation of capitalism and the devaluing of America and the U.S. Dollar have an impact on our elections?

The 2012 Election isn’t the first that Mr. Soros has sought to manipulate. In 2004, the International Financer devoted over $27 million to Super PACs created to unseat President George W. Bush. He claimed that defeating President Bush was the “central focus” in his life, a matter of “life and death”, and that America under Bush was “dangerous.” If a Wall Streeter had this to say about President Obama, Chris Matthews and Toure on MSNBC would have a field day. Donald Trump, while a staunch supporter of Mitt Romney, has only donated $2,500 to his campaign.

However, Trump is laughed at and lambasted by the media for every anti-Obama comment he makes. Can you imagine if Trump was saying that election 2012 was a life and death choice, and if he donated almost $30 million to unseat Obama? The critics of Citizens United would be in uproar, and Trump’s show would be eliminated from television. However, the Anti-American and Anti-Capitalist Crony Capitalist George Soros is given full legitimacy! Just like the other recent endorser of President Obama, Venezuelan Socialist Dictator Hugo Chavez, George Soros does not have America’s best interest at heart. He desires a collapse of capitalism, a rise of global government, and the fall of the United States of America. Like he profited from the devaluing of the British Pound, he seeks a global economy where the U.S. Dollar is as valuable as Monopoly Money.

If you plan to vote for Barack Obama because you think he has America’s best interests at heart, stop and think: Is that why Soros and Chavez are endorsing him? Do they too seek a prosperous America? To answer that question, just look at their own words. The answer is “no,” and if the President is reelected, they will get their wish.

Colin Snell | Burlington College | @SnellColin