Joe Biden is the laughing stock of the Obama Administration.  His awful case of foot-in-mouth disease makes it irresistible for conservative media to publish articles like “The 41 Biden Expressions You Must Know,” and even Time published an article entitled “Top 10 Joe Biden Gaffes.” Everyone slips up once in awhile, mixing up words or saying what they don’t mean. Congressman Ryan poked fun at Biden last night, “As the vice president very well knows… sometimes the words don’t come out of your mouth the right way.”

The vice president responded that he always says what he means.

Why is this tendency to slip-up detrimental for America? Because his gaffes usually contradict what he says when he’s in front of the press, trying to pass himself off as the inspirational leader he should be. For example, last night, Biden swore that he would not allow Iran to obtain nuclear weapons, but then, an October 2001 article indicated that he would like “to send, no strings attached, a check for $200 million to Iran.” He also said after Septermbe 11, 2001, that “the Taliban is not per-se our enemy.” So destroying our structures and killing thousands of Americans with suicide bombers during peace-time is not a terrorist attack?  Oh wait, but “the tea party has acted like terrorists,” according to the vice president. Oh yeah, those people are the real freedom stealers — The Tea Party– with all of their violence and anti-American demonstrations. Biden was probably thinking of a different movement, but “his words didn’t come out the right way.”

Maybe Biden’s “gaffes” are not actually gaffes. His rhetoric is alarming, not only because of the ridiculous nature of his comments, but because of the Administration’s lackadaisical approach toward the defense of the nation, and their inability (or more dangerously, reluctancy) to recognize a threat.  Ryan comes out of the gate last night knocking the president on his delayed recognition of the attacks on the Libyan U.S. consulate as terrorism, placing the blame on anyone except the people who conducted the attack — a reflection of the foreign policy implemented for the past four years.

I don’t think this administration really believes in a utopian society where we all just get along by means of a series of apologies, a ton of loans, and inspirational speeches. They have support from foreign enemies to destroy America. The American government’s sale of firearms in the Fast and Furious controversy and Eric Holder’s unscathed escape from blame is enough to prove that point. President Obama’s disrespectful regard for Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel is another indicator that there are “sides” in this world, and right now, our leaders are not acting in favor of our country or our allies.

Being exceptional is not about making everyone like us (which is not possible, if they fundamentally hate America); being exceptional is about exemplifying and defending true justice.

People always knock conservatives for our beliefs regarding foreign policy– that we’re cold-hearted, selfish, and paranoid. This is not the case. We don’t advocate for war because we like war, but because we know that freedom is worth the battle against those who oppose it. We’re not uncaring, just realistic about the world. Anyone who tries to live their life under the impression that a utopian society is possible will die trying to defend that notion. Corruption, greed, and deceit are too rampant to make it possible, and sadly, those elements are most present in a place where justice, service, and sacrifice are supposed to prevail.

Maybe the vice president really does mean everything he says. If so, we should be alarmed at the lack of decorum, common sense, and transparency coming from the White House.

Sydney Phillips | @sydphillips