I couldn’t have dreamed a more fantastic story line: United Arab Emirates — an OPEC country — teams up with flabby Hollywood heartthrob Matt Damon and that guy who stares at the camera on “The Office,” John Krasinski, to produce a film aimed at stunting the growth of poor, rural America.

Promised Land tells the story of corporate lackey, Damon, and his effort to push fracking (a way of extracting oil and gas from underground deposits) on a small Pennsylvania community. He meets an environmentalist, Krasinski, who warns that fracking will ruin the community by turning the land brown, poisoning their water supply, and melting their cows. (Watch its banal trailer here.)

Promised Land (or Erin Brockovich part 2) has it all: a main character who’s torn between doing the moral thing or keeping his job, an attractive love interest, and grandstanding shots of green pastures about to be ruined by energy production. It also happens to have a really hard time telling the truth about fracking.

The movie gains its inspiration from supposed events in Dimock, Pa. where fracking is said to have ruined the community’s water supply and livelihoods. However, like nearly all claims from environmentalists, the story is a bald-faced lie. Pennsylvania’s Department of Environmental Protection found no contamination caused by fracking. The EPA also cleared the Dimock fracking lies.

The false allegations pop up faster than they can be disproved. Recently, a judge found a tape purporting to show evidence of a Texas oil company’s fracking pollution to be a complete hoax.

Josh Fox’s Oscar-nominated documentary Gasland, which attempts to show the evils of fracking, has been discredited by filmmaker Phelim McAleer over and over again. McAleer confronted Fox on his twisting the truth about flammable water sources and their connection with fracking.

Fox is working on a new film, this time using Texas breast cancer victims as pawns to push his lie that fracking has raised the rates of breast cancer. Again, he makes these allegations without the support of any credible evidence. The game of environmentalists is clear: lie, lie, lie.

All of these claims being proven false has forced the makers of Promised Land to add the craziest plot twist to the film: Krasinski’s character, environmentalist good guy, is actually … get this … working under cover for the fossil-fuel industry to discredit the green movement!

Instead of owning up to the truth, they have decided to make the truth the antagonist of the film. When life gives you lemons …

As stated above, Promised Land is partially funded by a media company “wholly owned by the governments of the United Arab Emirates.” It must have been exciting to find out that a country so rich in oil and so lacking in human rights was willing to help battle the evil natural gas industry!

For the record, I’m going to assume Hollywood is just stupid and not a secret wing of al Qaeda.

Of course UAE wants to fund this film! If Americans are able to harvest the cheap energy below their feet, it will break the monopoly that oil and OPEC have on our transportation industry.

Fracking presents many Americans with a chance at better lives. Farmers will have the ability to get rich off their land again. Contrary to what the green movement wants you to think, not going forward with fracking will render their land near useless.

In North Dakota, where fracking has led to a giant oil boom, citizens enjoy a rapidly growing economy. “Where else in the country do you have one-percent unemployment?” points out Ward Koeser, mayor of Williston, ND.

“You guys need to come see this. Come and talk to the people. See what kind of people are here,” says a North Dakota resident in a video about the recent oil boom.

It seems people in Pennsylvania, Texas, North Dakota, and other states rich in natural gas are excited about fracking and all the opportunities that it presents to their families and communities.

No wonder Hollywood wants to stop it.

Keith Fierro | Cal State Fullerton | @KJFierro